Joey Feek ‘Inspirational’: Blake Shelton Speaks Out On Amazing Country Star

Ever since Joey Feek’s doctors said that it didn’t look like her cancer could be cured, country stars everywhere have been speaking out about her. Now country superstar Blake Shelton is sharing his thoughts on Joey and what a great “inspiration” she is to everyone. Joey Feek is now at home in hospice spending her last days with her daughter Indiana. ET Online shared what Blake Shelton had to say about this singer from the duo Joey + Rory. Blake has a bit of a history with Rory, even though the two don’t know each other really well.

Rory actually is a songwriter as well and wrote the song “Some Beach” that Blake Shelton recorded back in 2004. This was a huge hit for him at the time. Here is what Blake Shelton had to say about Joey.

“The courage that they as a family have displayed — it’s inspirational. It’s sad, but it’s special at the same time.”

Blake Shelton has a great point when he talks about them. Rory recently shared a blog post all about how “love makes your hair fall off.” Even though Joey is dealing with cancer and the doctors have told her that there is nothing else that they can do for her, Joey made the decision to shave her head, and then her sisters and other family members did the exact same. They are showing the way that you should treat someone you love. Blake Shelton did go on to say that he doesn’t know Rory very well, but obviously being in Nashville they run in the same circles.

“I never really got to know [Rory] that well. He was always just someone I kinda knew. But to see what they’re going through as a family and what’s happening with Joey, what can you say?”

Joey with Indiana
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At this time, Joey and Rory seem at peace with what is going on in their lives. Joey is at home in hospice and spending her final days with their little girl. There has not been a new update on her in the last couple of days, but everyone is hoping that they are still doing as well as possible.

People shared the news that Joey and Rory’s relationship has even improved during this hard time. Rory shared in a blog post that when they took their vows of for better or worse, they meant it, and Rory has been her side through this entire tough time. Every single day he has found a way to show her that.

Joey and Indiana together
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Rory has been reading Joey the posts from fans and letting her know about all of the prayers they are receiving. Rory shared the details.

“We have just lived our lives and sang our songs, and often thought that we are making no difference at all. But thousands of blog and Facebook comments and emails tell us otherwise. I read them to Joey and the tears stream down her cheeks and mine. And once more we smile and look at each other – in awe of this extraordinary, ordinary life we live.”

Rory lays down in bed with Joey at night and prays while he listens to her breath. Joey has needed a lot of sleep during this time in her life, but he is by her side for all of it. They have been spending time together and Joey has been recording books for their daughter Indiana, so she can always hear her mom’s voice even after she is gone. Joey will always live on in her daughter Indiana. For now, they just continue to pray for a “miracle and peace with His decision.”

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