Ricardo Lockette Puts Health Problems Aside, Feeds Homeless In Dallas

While dealing with his own recent misfortune, Ricardo Lockette put his own problems aside to help those less fortunate when he decided to feed a group of homeless people in Dallas, on his way home from the hospital.

The Thanksgiving holiday is swiftly approaching, and with it the need to reach out to feed the homeless or contribute in some way to those who need our help. Soup kitchens and other such charities are overflowing with volunteers at this time of year.

It does not appear, however, as if Lockette’s act of kindness in Dallas had anything to do with the upcoming holiday. Rather, it seems to stem from genuine concern for the homeless people. Ricardo personally came into contact with on the streets of Dallas. The fact that Lockette spontaneously decided to feed the homeless is in itself a commendable act, but having done so just after being released from the hospital after undergoing surgery, while wearing a neck brace, points to the genuine selflessness of his character.

According to KOIN, the wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks sustained a serious injury in an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys on November 1. A jarring run-in with Jeff Heath of the Dallas Cowboys left Ricardo with a concussion and disk injury, as well as ligament damage. He was rushed from the field to a Dallas hospital, where he underwent neck surgery on Monday, November 2. The Seahawks went on to win the game against Dallas in a close 13-12 victory.

Though Lockette is expected to be out for the duration of the football season, the injury has the potential to end his NFL career. Seattle coach Pete Carroll had the following to say of his spirit.

“He bounced back. He’s got a great spirit, so he bounced back with an attitude that wouldn’t surprise us. He couldn’t wait to get back to his teammates and get back with us.”

Upon leaving the Dallas hospital, Ricardo saw a group of homeless people gathered on the sidewalk, Fansided reports. Without a second thought, the NFL player headed to McDonald’s, where he ordered 100 cheeseburgers before promptly returning to the area to feed the homeless, passing out the food and mingling with the people all while wearing a neck brace.

In an interview with TMZ, Earl Lockette, Ricardo’s father, spoke about his son’s kindness.

“He had a neck brace on while he was passing out the burgers. So some people were like, ‘What happened to you?’ But Ricardo didn’t try and bring attention to who he was.”

“Some people knew who he was. But this was more about Ricardo seeing people who were in worse shape than him, and wanting to help them however he could.”

“It was a beautiful thing. Through helping other people, he helped heal himself. It was therapeutic for everyone.”

Not everyone would do such a special thing for so many strangers. So why did Ricardo feed the homeless in Dallas? Perhaps it was fueled by his deep faith in God. Earlier this year, he posted a Twitter tweet giving God the glory for his amazing success. Is his love of God the reason he felt compelled to feed the homeless while he was in Dallas?

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