Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Whispers About New Phone Hint At Early Release Date, Reduced Price

It’s safe to say that Samsung knows how to keep consumers buzzing about its phones, especially the Galaxy line. The latest installment in Samsung’s Galaxy flagship series, the Galaxy S6 Edge, shook things up by introducing wireless charging capabilities and specialized notifications that literally show up on the screen’s horizontal edge. So, when can we expect to see the next innovation from the folks at Samsung? discovered through Samsung insiders that the tech giant has begun developing firmware for the next Galaxy phone a month earlier than it usually does. Even though Android Marshmallow OS just recently dropped, this could potentially hint at a new phone release in the coming months, most likely January of next year. There isn’t any info about which features are going to be available on the new phone just yet, but there has been plenty of speculation.

Rumors also abound that Samsung may be dropping its price, possibly to compete with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, which clock in at $549 and $649 retail, respectively. Older Galaxy models have a slightly lower price tag, some around $500. If Samsung lowers the price of the new Galaxy S7, it could take attention away from Apple and the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Whispers About New Phone Hint At Early Release Date, Reduced Price
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge introduced new features such as wireless charging and a new way to view one’s notifications. [Image Via]
The Latin Post guessed that we might see two different Samsung Galaxy S7’s with two different screen sizes, a 5.2-inch model and a 5.8-inch phone. This may also be to compete with Apple, which is currently offering two differently sized iPhones for consumers to choose from. It also speculated that one of these models might be an “Edge” version, just as Samsung did with the S6 and S6 Edge.

If the leaked photos are to be believed, the S7 may look like a taller and thinner version of some of its predecessors. Even though there are always unexpected innovations, it’s a pretty safe bet that Samsung will be improving the camera, as they do with most of their new smartphones. Some models have added specialties such as rapid shooting or Dual Shot, which allows the user to take video and photos at the same time. The resolution of each Galaxy’s camera also generally gets better with each new model that rolls out.

Samsung has also been making improvements to its voice assistant, Google Now. Google Now, as the name might hint, provides information on relevant facts such as traffic, weather, and upcoming events before you even ask it to. The newest incarnation of Android brings a new feature called Google Now On Tap, which provides a faster way to access Now and reads users’ notifications aloud to them. New information “cards” seem to be added to Google Now all the time, so it’s likely the next Galaxy phone will have even more improvements in store.

Then, of course, there’s Android Pay. Samsung’s NFC-powered cashless pay system has been accepted at more and more retailers as of late, and even their website makes it obvious they’re pretty darn proud of it. It would make sense for Samsung to invest their energies into Android Pay and make it the best it can be in the future. One new Android Pay feature that’s “coming soon” is the ability to use it right from an app, thus making it easier to complete online purchases with Android Pay. Perhaps we will see this handy new update on the new Galaxy.

Let us know what developments you want to or expect to see in the new Samsung Galaxy S7, and which features you want Samsung to improve upon or upgrade as well.

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