Kate Gosselin And Kids Returning TLC As Kate Starts To Date Again

Kate Gosselin and her kids are returning to TLC once again, and viewers could not be more excited to see how things are going with two teenagers in the house. Radar Online shared the news that they are returning to TLC in December, and of course, things have changed a lot over the past few years. It turns out that Kate Gosselin is ready to start dating once again. The kids are older now considering she has 15-year-old twins Mady and Cara and 11-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, Alexis, and Hannah at home.

TLC is now sharing that Kate Gosselin is ready to start dating again. Reports have been out that Kate was dating, but so far she has denied that there is anyone special in her life. TLC did share that Kate thinks it is time to find a man.

“Kate wants to finally start dating again, so with the kids in mind, she makes sure everyone supports this next step, but even with the kids on board, Kate’s unsure of how her blind date will turn out.”

The school that Mady and Cara Gosselin are going to doesn’t have uniforms, so one thing that they will be dealing with on this season is finding outfits for the first day of school. Of course, this is never easy for young girls and the Gosselin girls are no exception to this rule. Kate Gosselin recently said that her last five years without Jon in her life were the best five years of her life. Don’t expect him to be showing up when the show returns.

Kate did recently share that there is someone else sleeping in her bed, but it isn’t another man that she is admitting to staying with her. Kate found someone to cuddle with though, and at least keep her warm at night. Maybe after starting to date this season it will be a man in her bed next.

Now, Kate Gosselin has two teenagers at home plus the younger kids are almost in their teen years too. This is a lot for anyone to keep up with and Kate is finding a way to do it. Her show was originally canceled by TLC, but it turns out that they keep bringing it back, and the viewers are obviously there or the show wouldn’t come back all the time.

People recently shared some of what Kate Gosselin had to say about dating after divorce. Kate will be going on a blind date, but she admits that at the end of the date she wasn’t sure if you do a hug or a handshake. It sounds like Kate Gosselin wasn’t quite ready to start kissing someone new. The date was dinner and even a helicopter ride over Manhattan and Kate did say that she was interested in him. It sounds like things go well for her first date.

Kate Gosselin is raising her eight children on her own when they are at home. A man in her life could make things a lot easier on her. Kate may just find her perfect man on this new season of the show. Kate Gosselin might be able to find someone that can fit into this crazy life she has with all of her kids and pets. It will take a special man to be ready to add this many people to his life.

Are you happy to hear that Kate Plus 8 will be coming back to TLC in December? Don’t miss the season premiere on December 8. Everyone will get to see a big family vacation to Florida, Kate starting to date again and how things have changed for this family. It will be a season to remember that is for sure.

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