Will Alexa PenaVega Return To ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Tamar Braxton’s ‘DWTS’ Withdrawal?

Many Dancing With the Stars fans were shocked and devastated to see Alexa PenaVega eliminated during Week 9 of Dancing With the Stars. Alexa and Mark Ballas had perfect scores for the evening, but their scores and votes from Week 8 simply weren’t enough to keep them in the competition for another week. However, now there is some buzz that Mark and Alexa could head back to DWTS.

As viewers saw during Monday’s Dancing With the Stars, Tamar Braxton had to leave during dress rehearsal for what was thought to be pneumonia. She missed her individual performance, but she returned to muscle through her duet performance with Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess.

Now, however, it turns out that Tamar’s health issues are far more significant than she originally thought. As a result, the DWTS Season 21 contender has had to withdraw from the competition. Braxton shared the news via her Instagram on Wednesday morning.

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 21 couple Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy
Image via Tamar Braxton’s Instagram

DWTS fans certainly understand Tamar’s need to quit the competition, and her tour, given these serious health issues. Many had seen her struggling with feeling sick for the past couple of weeks, and it looks like at this point she has no choice but to listen to the doctors and focus on her recovery.

Braxton’s departure opens up a big question about what comes next on Dancing With the Stars. Will they bring Alexa and Mark back into the competition? There is a lot of buzz about that very possibility, though it would certainly be complicated if they go that route. Some suspect that instead, the show may just not eliminate anybody at the end of the Week 10 show. Or they could go with three couples heading into the finale instead of four as was originally planned.

According to Glamour, there is a concerted DWTS fan effort to bring Alexa back to the competition. Fans are likely right in saying that had Tamar not been cleared to return Monday, or had she dropped out at that point, the show surely would not have eliminated anybody else. That very scenario has happened in the past.

It seems that insiders from Dancing With the Stars reveal that the show’s producers are considering all of the possibilities, including the option to bring Alexa and Mark back for Week 10. If a decision to bring Mark and Alexa back has been secretly made, PenaVega isn’t letting on via her latest Instagram post regarding the show.

Will 'Dancing With the Stars' bring back Alexa PenaVega?
Image via Alexa PenaVega’s Instagram

Ballas did tease via his Instagram Wednesday afternoon that there are good things happening and that he’s in a very good mood. That certainly could be related to the show, or it could be related to something else entirely. It may well be that the show is still deciding, and they may try to keep it under wraps until they can make a big deal of it in the Week 10 episode.

People confirms the same information, that the show is considering the possibilities and there is a chance that Alexa will be reinstated. However, such a move would not come without problems. The most obvious issue would be the fact that with Mark and Alexa’s elimination in Week 9, their voting number was shut down and they would have no viewer votes to combine with the judge’s votes to keep them through Week 10.

Of course, another challenge is the fact that Alexa and Mark would have far less time to rehearse than the other pairs if they were to get the opportunity to rejoin Dancing With the Stars at this point. They would surely dive in and make it work, but having both a ballroom dance and trio performance to put together with only a few days available to rehearse could set them up for a very rocky road.

There is a lot of buzz about this over on PureDWTS, with some noting that Willa Ford was given an opportunity to return to Dancing With the Stars during Season 3 when Sara Evans withdrew. However, Willa declined. The timing is seemingly a bit different here, though, with less time available for Alexa and Mark to turn things around, voting issues notwithstanding.

Many suspect that despite the viewers’ support to bring PenaVega and Ballas back, the show will alter the plans for Week 10 and either eliminate nobody or go with a three-couple finale. Do you think Alexa PenaVega and Mark Ballas should get another shot? How do you think Dancing With the Stars should handle the aftermath of Tamar Braxton’s departure?

[Image via Mark Ballas’ Instagram]