WWE News: Backstage Update On Sami Zayn, Not Expected Back Till 2016?

Sami Zayn suffered an injury in the Summer in a match against John Cena. Unfortunately, it took place before the bout even started. Like normal, Zayn enters the WWE ring, but stands on the steps and hypes up the crowd by waving his hands up in the air. When he did that, Zayn’s shoulder separated, causing him to be out of action once again. It’s not like Zayn is injury-prone. The WWE superstar is just getting unlucky.

Sami Zayn Injury WWE
Sami Zayn talking to the WWE at the Performance Center. [Image via YouTube]
Zayn was fresh off a big feud against Kevin Owens at WWE NXT. If it weren’t for his injury, Zayn would’ve been in Owens’ spot instead. Like it’s happened in the WWE plenty of times before, injuries take place and the spot intended for said WWE star needs replaced. When Zayn does return from injury, he’ll have someone to feud with on the main roster immediately.

Hopefully, he’ll be ready for the Royal Rumble in January, but after an update surfaced of his recovery, Daily Wrestling News is reporting that his recovery was set back.

“WWE NXT Superstar Sami Zayn was recently seen at the WWE Performance Center doing some light training and light working out, according to PWInsider. It’s been a few weeks since he’s been there and he was not in the ring training for an actual match so it appears his return isn’t happening any time soon.”

With the way WWE is hurting in the ratings right now, Sami Zayn could help the product. He’s the ultimate babyface, which was seen during his match with John Cena on WWE Raw this Summer. In an interview with WWE.com in May, Zayn talked about his injury, recovery time, and facing John Cena in his WWE main roster debut.

“It’s really hard to pinpoint one emotion. There was a pretty wide spectrum of emotions the entire night, from curious to nervous to excited to confident, back to nervous, back to excited, defiance and pride with how long it took to get there … how hard the road was. It was a mix of emotions. I can’t pick out one thing within the span of an hour, let alone the five minutes while Cena was talking.

“What an endorsement, from two of the biggest stars of all time. I can carry that going forward. After you have a match like that, you have momentum. I’m happy that I was able to have the match that I did with one of the best ever in my hometown. You really can’t ask for much better. Ultimately, I’ll look back at it as a very positive experience. I wouldn’t be Sami Zayn if it went too well, there’s always gotta be a bump in the road. Overcoming it is the story.”

How should Zayn’s return to the WWE be booked? Like it was mentioned above, a return at the Royal Rumble writes itself. As Owens enters the Rumble — it’s obvious that he’ll be in the match. If Sami Zayn is the next entrant immediately after Owens, then the WWE Universe would explode with joy as his music flows throughout the arena.

Kevin Owens IC Title WWE
Kevin Owens taunting John Cena. [Image via YouTube]
Owens and Zayn are best friends in real life, and had one of the greatest feuds in pro wrestling history at Ring of Honor. If both men are allowed to write the program themselves and be who they really are, it will also become one of the WWE’s best feuds, perhaps of all-time.

The sky is the limit for Sami Zayn and the WWE’s plan to bring him back when he heals up. Kevin Owens won’t win the WWE World Heavyweight championship tournament, which will leave a spot open after a short feud with a random WWE star. They could put the Intercontinental title on the line for Zayn to chase, just like he did with the WWE NXT title.

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