WWE Rumors, Spoilers: New ‘Survivor Series’ Match Announced For The Undertaker, Kane, And The Wyatt Family

Ever since The Undertaker was carried away by The Wyatt Family at Hell In A Cell, many wondered what was next. Shortly after, Kane was abducted by the group and it seemed as if a traditional elimination style tag team match was going to take place at Survivor Series with 4-on-4, and that the Brothers of Destruction would need to find some partners. Well, many are about to be disappointed.

If you don’t want to be spoiled or don’t want to know what’s going on before SmackDown for this week, then stop reading now.

It is looking a lot less likely that there will be a traditional elimination tag match at Survivor Series as the WWE Title Tournament has really taken up a lot of superstars. Many of them are going to be done and out since the first and second rounds should be done by the time Survivor Series even happens.

Still, the tapings for WWE SmackDown took place in Manchester this evening and WrestleZone reported that a new match was officially announced. The Undertaker and Kane will face off with the Wyatt Family at the pay-per-view, but it isn’t exactly known which members they will face.

Early during the tapings, Bray Wyatt came out to the ring and issued a challenge for Survivor Series and wants to face the Brothers of Destruction. Wyatt said that it would be a match against him and another Wyatt Family member of his choosing.

At the end of the show, The Undertaker officially accepts the challenge for the tag match.

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On Monday Night Raw, Bray Wyatt hit the ring to read a eulogy for both The Undertaker and Kane at the end of the show as recapped by WWE.com. During the reading of it, the Brothers of Destruction came down to the ring together to confront Wyatt.

This brought out the rest of the Wyatt Family who surrounded the ring. The Undertaker and Kane took out Luke Harper and Erick Rowan first, and then teamed up to take out Braun Strowman. The destructive duo entered the ring after that and took down Bray Wyatt.

Fans have been thinking that partners would be chosen for the Brothers of Destruction and they would face all four Wyatts in an elimination tag match at Survivor Series. It kind of makes perfect sense, especially considering the event coming up in two weeks.

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Many rumors have been flying around as to who would team up with the Brothers of Destruction to take on the Wyatts, and one of them was Sting. Yes, Sting is actually rumored to be in good enough shape to get back in the ring, but WWE may not want to rush him back so quickly.

Right now, there is just one match officially confirmed for Survivor Series and it’s Charlotte defending the Divas Title against Paige.

This week, Raw and SmackDown are holding the first-round matches of the WWE World Title tournament. It’s expected that next week, the second round matches will take place and leave the two semifinal matches and the final match for the PPV.

That makes three matches, and the Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family makes four. There are typically seven matches on any given PPV card so a few more will still be announced in the next 11-ish days.

Considering only four superstars will be involved in the tournament portion of Survivor Series, there are plenty of others that could team with The Undertaker and Kane. None of the Wyatt Family members are even in the tournament, so all four could easily be in an elimination tag team match.

Maybe WWE has plans to do a traditional Survivor Series match with two teams thrown together that pit faces against the heels, but with no build-up. It’s kind of odd to do that though considering the storyline of The Undertaker and Kane vs. The Wyatt Family is already in place and just needs a few more players.

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