McDonald’s Customer Allegedly Finds Rat’s Head In Burger, Mexican Outlet Closed [NSFW Picture]

A customer in a Mexican McDonald’s had his meal rudely interrupted when he allegedly found a rat’s head inside a hamburger that he had just started to eat.

The unnamed individual claims he bit into his burger only to spit back out a rat’s head. Several vomit-inducing images of the individual’s discarded meal and the severed, half-eaten rat’s head have now emerged online.

One of the less disgusting photos can be seen in the tweet embedded below.

As you can probably imagine, the internet almost universally performed a dry heave upon the release of these pictures, each of which is simply disgusting.

Mexican authorities have since responded by closing down the McDonald’s restaurant in question. A full investigation, and hopefully a full clear out of vermin, dead or alive, is now being conducted.

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According to the Express, McDonald’s have insisted that the picture and rat’s head inside their burger is actually the attempt of an extortionist.

Speaking to local paper El Universal, Felix Ramirez, who works as a spokesman for McDonald’s, remarked that he is confident that the story will prove to be untrue, declaring that it would be impossible for a rat’s head to be found in one of their burgers.

Ramirez stated, “We are looking into the matter to see what happened, it has to be something they planted there, it’s totally impossible that this would happen in one of our restaurants.”

Felix Ramirez went on to add that the customers even tried to get money out of the manager at the McDonald’s in exchange for not going public with their alleged discovery in the burger.

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The incident took place at a McDonald’s restaurant located in Tlalnepantla de Baz, which is located just on the outskirts of Mexico City. Once the customer had complained to the manager and left, he then filed a report to authorities about it.

Unfortunately, while Felix Ramirez is adamant that the dead rat couldn’t have been an unwanted addition to the individual’s burger, there have been a string of rather disgusting discoveries made by McDonald’s patrons over the last few days.

In fact, just last week, 10-year-old Cordellia Buckley bit into her McDonald’s wrap and found that it allegedly included a dead frog. Recalling the incident, via the Daily Star, Cordellia’s father explained, “She only had a little bit before she felt something funny in her mouth.”

Dave Cordellia added, “She spat it into her hand and said, ‘Ew, this is horrible What is it?’ Then she said, ‘It’s a frog! It’s a frog!’ I was driving down the motorway and she was freaking out. She was going to be sick. I told her not to be silly and to put it into the bag. Then we stopped and it was pretty obvious what it was. I phoned McDonald’s. I was disgusted.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson once again insisted that it was highly unlikely that the dead frog originated from their restaurant.

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