‘Game Of Thrones’ Script Leak: Actor Accidentally Posts Page On Instagram, Leading To Fevered Speculation

It’s safe to assume that actor Eddie Haddad is worrying for his future on Game of Thrones today after he accidentally leaked a script for the HBO drama on Instagram.

Fortunately for the 30-year-old actor, the page that he uploaded didn’t contain any huge spoilers for the impending sixth season of the show, but it did provide us with some insight into a scene featuring Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys, as well as revealing some dialogue.

Haddad decided to upload an image of a cup of coffee and his iPad, the latter of which had a page from a Game of Thrones script uploaded on it. To the naked eye, it was impossible to decipher any information or lines of dialogue on the script.

However, Game of Thrones die-hards and obsessives were soon able to scrutinize and zoom in on the script and immediately began to decipher the dialogue.

You can check out the image that Elie Haddad originally uploaded to Instagram, which he has since deleted, below. After the image, you can read some of the dialogue that he inadvertently revealed.

[Image via Instagram]

The Game of Thrones fan website Watchers on the Wall were able to get quite a bit of information from the released screenplay. You can read what they found below.

“We can’t decipher all the wording on the page as it’s quite small… but the scene appears to involve Dothraki men joking crudely about Daenerys. Whether this is just after she’s taken by the khalasar (the one seen in the season 5 finale) or at a later time, we don’t know.

The page contains comments such as ‘I like her,’ and ‘I’ll bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.’ It looks like the word ‘khal’ is on the page as well in a non-dialogue section.

One Dothraki man says, ‘I’d like to know what a khaleesi tastes like,’ and another responds crassly, ‘Good. You can suck my d***.’ And then they have a good laugh about it.”

Not only did Elie Haddad inadvertently reveal a page from his Season 6 script, but he also confirmed that he is filming in Belfast. In the above image, you can clearly see that he is staying at the Europa hotel in Belfast, and the revelations in the script basically prove that he will be playing a Dothraki.

[Image via HBO]

This isn’t the first recent Game of Thrones online leak from a member of the HBO show’s crew.

Director Miguel Sapochnik posted an image from the shoot of a Season 6 episode that made reference to the “White Walker unit” and immediately led people to speculate over their above involvement in the show.

But Sapochnik quickly came out to try and dismiss these rumors, while providing an explanation for the use of the term “White Walker Unit.”

But that didn’t stop fans from immediately assuming that the White Walkers, who are a race of demonic ice-men that have caused huge problems on Game of Thrones to the likes of Jon Snow, would be featuring prominently in a huge fight scene that Sapochnik will be overseeing.

Meanwhile, there are still rumors over the fate of Jon Snow, whose fate was left in the balance at the end of the sixth season for Game of Thrones. Amanda Peet, the wife of showrunner David Benioff, explained to the New York Daily News that even she can’t get him to reveal if Kit Harington’s character is alive.

[Image via HBO]

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