‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Struggles, Chad Is Freed, And Abigail Scrambles To Protect Herself Against Ben

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that there is plenty more drama to come this week as Aiden’s attack on Hope sends shockwaves throughout Salem. As viewers saw on Monday, Bo battled against Aiden after Hope collapsed. By the end of the fight, Aiden was dead. In addition, Sami told John and Marlena about all she’s learned, and she detailed that she believes that EJ is alive. What can viewers expect from Tuesday’s show as the drama continues?

Thanks to Aiden’s botched murder plan, everybody now thinks that he was the Necktie Killer. As We Love Soaps details, this leads to Chad being fully exonerated. While Chad is indeed innocent, viewers know that Aiden isn’t the one who killed Will, Serena, and Paige. Now that Chad is out from under the cloud of suspicion, Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Chad focuses on finding Abigail.

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What Chad doesn’t realize, of course, is that the real killer is keeping Abigail and her unborn baby hostage, and she is in serious trouble. During Monday’s show, Abigail tried to play along with Ben in order to find a way to escape the cabin. However, Ben caught onto her tactics and flew into a rage.

During Tuesday’s show, Ben will confront Abigail about her time with Chad. He is furious that she slept with Chad and, as Celeb Dirty Laundry shares, Abigail will be scrambling to calm him down and stay safe. From the sounds of the available Days of Our Lives spoilers, this drama with Ben, Abigail, and Chad will continue to play out throughout the rest of the week, and possibly even longer than that.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s episode, Hope will struggle to face the aftermath of Aiden trying to kill her and Bo returning. She obviously will be completely overwhelmed by what Aiden did, having had no idea he was planning to kill her. At the same time, Hope is angry with Bo for having been gone so long with no real explanation. Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that she will learn more on this front on Wednesday’s show.

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Tuesday’s show also brings some time with Kate and Eduardo together. Could these two strike up some sort of romance? Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that this may well be the case. This combination could bring a bit of levity to an otherwise dramatic episode, and fans will be curious to see where this heads.

As the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abigail will manage to get some kind of message to Chad, and he will be scrambling to get Rafe to believe that Abigail is in trouble. Steve is trying to figure out what is going on with the old nemesis who seems to be going after him and his family, while Hope continues to struggle with the aftermath of Aiden’s attack.

There are other twists and turns ahead in the coming episodes, and viewers are anxious to get back to the Sami and EJ storyline, as well. She thinks she’s close to figuring out the truth about EJ so she can bring him home, but Andre is going to great lengths to prevent that from happening.

Just how long will Bo be sticking around Salem? Though viewers will have to wait and see on this one, there are rumors swirling that Bo may be killed off soon after some kind of illness, putting a permanent end to the Bo and Hope romance. Would the show really do that to fans? According to scoop from the Jason47 Facebook page, that’s what the latest DOOL spoilers indicate.

Will Chad manage to save Abigail from Ben and reveal Ben’s murderous misdeeds? Will the show really kill off Bo Brady? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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