UFO Rumors: Second Piece Of Mysterious Space Junk Found In Murcia, Spain [Video]

Around a week ago, a strange object was found lying in the Spanish countryside, which some believed might be a UFO or alien related. The object turned out to be space junk and is probably part of a rocket or satellite that had reentered Earth’s atmosphere, landing in the field. Now a second and similar object has been discovered close by.

The Inquisitr reported on how two shepherd brothers, Francisco and Juan Espín del Amo, had come across the mysterious object while herding their goats. Spain’s Civil Guard was called to the scene, where they immediately activated their NRBQ protocol (used to investigate nuclear, radiological, bacterial, or chemical threats).

Space junk
Space junk. [Image via screen capture from YouTube video]

After an expert examined the object wearing a safety suit, it was found to be safe and was taken away for further investigation. While it was initially rumored to be a UFO or of alien origin, the object was eventually thought to be an auxiliary fuel tank from a rocket that somehow managed to find its way back to Earth.

There were other theories raised by members of the public that the object might be a composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV), as they are composed of a material so resistant that they can survive re-entry into the atmosphere without burning up. Similar objects had reportedly turned up in Brazil and Australia.

Space junk
Civil Guard removes the space junk. [Image via screen capture from YouTube video]

As reported by El Pais in English, on Sunday this week, a second and very similar piece of space junk was discovered in the Murcia countryside a few kilometers from the first discovery. This second object is also spherical in shape and is almost identical to the first object found by the shepherds. Reportedly, the object is approximately a meter in diameter and is covered in heat-resistant material.

Tweet translation: “Again falling space junk in Murcia for the second time in less than a week.”

According to Ciencia Plus (in Spanish), the finding of a second mysterious object has caused some concern among local residents in the area, and plenty of speculation is going around in the Spanish and international media about the discoveries.

The Mayor of Calasparra, José Vélez, is concerned about the “lack of information” offered by the government delegation involved in the investigations. He told the media that citizens deserve a full explanation of the incident.

With the second object now having been found, officials in the municipality are concerned that several objects could have fallen, as Radio Calasparra had apparently reported November 3 that seven to eight balls of fire had been seen falling in the early hours of the morning.

Tweet translation: “Looking for more pieces of space junk in #Murcia”

After the owner of the farm in Calasparra, Murcia, found the second object, around 300 meters from the Segura River, at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, he immediately alerted emergency services, who again called in Spain’s Civil Guard.

Officials deployed a crew of bomb experts in the area to examine the second object and the area surrounding it. The object has now been taken to the Civil Guard headquarters in Murcia to be stored until a decision can be made where to move it for further examination and investigation.

The first object was sent to a chemical center in Cartagena, where technicians believe it could be part of a fuel tank from a rocket or space station.

Space junk
The landing site of space junk. [Image via screen capture from YouTube video]

Due to the similarities between the two objects and the fact they fell in a similar area, authorities think the origin of both objects is most probably related. However, so far authorities have been unable to determine where either object could have originated from.

The Spanish-language video included below shows the Civil Guard officials responding to the scene of the latest discovery of mysterious space junk.

[Image via capture from YouTube video]

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