Victoria’s Secret 2015: See The $2 Million Fantasy Bra

Victoria’s Secret 2015 is here. The sexiest night on television may not be airing on CBS until December 8, but the fashion show will be recorded in New York today (10th November) and you can bet that images and video-clip snippets full of toned flesh, shining locks, generous cleavages and jewel-drenched lingerie will be hitting Instagram and twitter feeds near you within the next 24 hours as footage spills onto the internet.

Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has already given Victoria’s Secret fans a glimpse of the show’s wondrous centrepiece: the Fantasy Bra.

For those out of the loop, every Victoria’s Secret runway showcases at least one “Fantasy Bra,” an ornate, gem-laden piece of lingerie with a price tag that usually hovers around the $7 million mark. The fashion line showcases the bra spectacularly on the breasts of one of its most stunning model – past Victoria’s Secret “Fantasy Bra” wearers have included Tyra Banks, Candice Swanaepol, Giselle Bundchen and breathtaking Victoria’s Secret veteran (who will be modelling this year too) Adriana Lima.

The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra was revealed in a post by The Telegraph. The bra contains “6,500 precious gems, including diamonds, blue topaz, yellow sapphires and pink quartz, all set in 18-karat gold,” and will be worn by Lily Aldridge.

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra
The Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra for 2015 – The “Fireworks” Bra

Victoria’s Secret is very creative in branding and promoting the Fantasy Bras. Every year, the bra is given a name that reflects its qualities – for example, this year’s bra “Fireworks” has a swirl of colorful gems on each bra cup (as well as an extraordinary walnut-sized ruby lodged between the breasts) and two gemstone “explosions” positioned on the matching belt. The belt and bra strap feature a line of nude and pink stones that are designed so they do not take attention away from the explosions of color, which do indeed evoke the color and shimmer of a holiday fireworks display.

Lily Aldridge VIctoria's Secret
Lily Aldridge wearing the Victoria’s Secret “Fireworks” Bra and matching belt

The Telegraph has provided a look at all the Fantasy Bras in their post about the 2015 Victoria’s Secret show.

Past Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras have included the “Floral” in 2012 (which featured gems sewn into yellow flower shapes and emeralds arranged in lines to evoke green vines behind the flowers), worn by Alessandra Ambrosio; the “Black Diamond” from 2012 (lines of gems were strung droopily against a pitch-black bra cup and a huge stone was suspended between the cups, hanging so low that it almost reached the model’s navel), worn by Adriana Lima; the “Hearts on Fire” Diamond Bra from 2006 (silver stones were packed so tightly on the bra cups it looked like the bra had been constructed entirely from shimmering crystals of one color) and the Heavenly “70s” bra from 2004, which was worn by Victoria’s Secret veteran Tyra Banks and which featured a more understated, elegant design. Panels of silver on the cups of the Heavenly “70s” bra were arranged into delicate wing-shapes that left gaps where the model’s skin could peek through. The straps were made from the barest, thinnest panels of plain silver, and a huge crystal sat between the breasts. Silver wings at the edges of the crystal pulled the cups together with a dramatic dip that allowed for the showcase of plenty of cleavage and which gave the “70s” bra an unusual shape.

Victoria’s Secret outdid themselves last year by featuring not one, but two Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bras, as reported by the LA Times. While they are back to merely one this year, the show promises to be spectacular, with walks by new Victoria’s Secret recruits Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, and a performance by Ellie Goulding, who was engaged when troubled Barbadian pop star Rihanna pulled out of the Victoria’s Secret show at the last minute.

While The Daily Mail has hinted that it may have been wine and debauchery that led to party-girl Rihanna’s pull-out a mere six days before the Victoria’s Secret recording, The Mirror is speculating that Rihanna may have cancelled out of loyalty to her good friend Jourdan Dunn, who was reportedly dumped by Victoria’s Secret for Kendall Jenner.

Rumored attendees at Victoria’s Secret 2015 are Selena Gomez and ex- One Direction star Zayn Malik, who has been drawing gasps from fans by posting Instagram shots of himself looking increasingly buff and gym-sculpted, as reported by MTV.

While fans enjoyed seeing Malik’s muscular new physique, UniLad dubbed the former One Direction star a “bellend” (idiot) for his vanity.

Will Zayn Malik need his own Victoria’s Secret bra to hold those things in place at the show? Are you looking forward to Victoria’s Secret 2015?

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