WWE News: Manager Of Bill Goldberg Pushing For The Ex-WCW Champ To Return At ‘WrestleMania’

It’s no secret that WWE is attempting to shatter attendance records when they head to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas next spring, which can seat a maximum of 80,000 people. Despite that, WWE is planning on announcing the live attendance at over 100,000, no matter what the true attendance is.

Just like with every WrestleMania, WWE would like to pack as many bodies into the stadium as possible, and in order to do that, they’ll need some big names from the past to be on the card, as their current roster isn’t strong enough to fill an 80,000 plus seat stadium to capacity.

The lack of roster strength has led many WWE fans to believe that WWE is calling up names from the past who are still capable of putting on a good show to help sell the show out well in advance.

Even though he’s continued to deny that he’s wrestling on the show, some fans believe that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will come out of retirement to wrestle on WWE’s biggest show, in his home state of Texas, and if the “Rattlesnake” does end up wrestling at WrestleMania 32, ex-WCW and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg has said that he wants to go one-on-one with WWE’s “Toughest S.O.B.”

Goldberg vs Austin
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In the past, Goldberg has been very vocal about WWE, and he hasn’t exactly been complimentary about the company. Speaking of that, in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri, Goldberg threw some more criticism WWE’s way, saying that they don’t know how to do business because they’re constantly letting their ego get in the way. He also noted that if they were able to do business the right way, they’d be much bigger than they already are.

“I don’t have any ill will [toward WWE]. They just don’t know how to do business, their ego gets in the way. They’re a successful company, they always have been and they always will be, but they could be a lot more successful.”

Many believed that the ideal time for Goldberg to return was in 2011, when WrestleMania was being held at the Georgia Dome in Goldberg’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. However, WWE and Goldberg could not agree on a deal at that time.

Leading into WrestleMania 29 two years later, there were reports that WWE was looking to bring Goldberg in to face Ryback, who, at that time, was drawing a lot of comparisons to the ex-WCW champ. But, again, WWE and Goldberg were not able to come to terms.

Bill Goldberg
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Now, leading into WrestleMania 32, there is once again chatter that Goldberg will be appearing on WWE’s grandest stage, but this time, his manager Louis Gregory is the one pushing for Goldberg to return to the ring.

Gregory wrote a blog post, saying that he’s optimistic that Goldberg will return to a WWE ring at some point in the future, saying that WWE needs to put their ego aside, so that Goldberg can return, and show the fans what a Spear is supposed to look like.

“I remain optimistic that the time will come for big Bill’s return to the ring but I am realistic in my acceptance that it will be when the time is right and when the planets align. I have to believe the planets are as close to aligning as they ever have been. As a publicly traded company, the question of WWE profitability beckons and hesitation impacts potential profitability which directly and adversely impacts the bottom line if not acted on. Business decisions cannot or should not be made with pride or emotions. That’s a lesson I have learned the hard way. There must be a balance of cost vs. revenue, fan reaction and how a decision can impact the future. Those are the questions that WWE should be asking itself while considering a future return of Goldberg. Time to break out the jackhammer and break through the past. That’s the only way the fans of today will get to see what a real Spear looks like!”

Will WWE bring back Goldberg? Of course, that remains to be seen. But, it’s not out of the question. One of the things that is preventing a WWE return for Goldberg is that he doesn’t have the best relationship with some of the company’s higher-ups, mainly Vince McMahon and Triple H. So, if he’s able to reconcile with the two of them, and if WWE offers him the right deal, we may see Goldberg at WrestleMania 32.

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