Chaddy Wisdom Teeth Video Goes Viral [Watch]

Move over “David After Dentist”, we have a new anesthesia induced, viral video YouTube hit that has stolen our hearts and our laughter.

Luckily for us, just like “David After Dentist”‘s Dad, Chaddy’s mother was gracious enough to film the hilarious event from start to finish.

“Are we gonna have a fire tonight?” he asks his sisters.

“Well I don’t want to make it, because I think I’m kinda stoned,” proclaims the groggy teenager.

After asking for and quickly being denied for Panda Express, Chaddy then assures his mother she knows what’s best when it comes to what he should eat.

“You’re the mom, so you know what’s best,” Chaddy says.

The delusional young man continues his slurred speech as his father is on the phone. Quickly jumping onto the topic of money, Chaddy says, “don’t spend lots of money, because we need to save our money for the Great Depression.”

Adding, “One day I’m gonna make like a million dollars, and I’m gonna buy you a new house. Cause’ the one we live in is nice, but I wanna get you and mom a nicer one for when you guys are old. We can put elevators in it for you! How does that sound? You just keep waiting, and I will buy you one.”

As more and more of these “dentist” video’s keep popping up, they never seem to get old. It really is a brand new experience with each drugged up one.

Below you can find Chaddy while he’s just leaving the dentist, as well as when he’s home.

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