‘Sister Wife’ Robyn Brown Is Having A… [Spoilers]

If you’re a fan of “Sister Wife” No. 4, Robyn Brown, or the Brown clan at all, you probably already know that the newest wife in the family is pregnant with baby No. 8. This pregnancy, like most of Robyn’s integration into the Brown family, has been fraught with drama. Hollywood Life reported a couple of months ago that the newest sister wife was worried her fellow wives and their kids might not be thrilled about adding one more little one to the huge brood. When she discovered she was pregnant with this child, her second with collective husband Kody Brown, she let her closest ally Meri break the news to the rest of the family.

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She need not have worried. The family responded much more positively to sister wife No. 4’s second baby with with patriarch Brown than they did the first. She’s been wholly loved and supported by the rest of her new family since she announced she was pregnant with the Brown family’s newest addition early in the summer.

Now, International Business Times is reporting on the much-anticipated gender of the upcoming Brown. Sister wife number four is now just about 20ish weeks pregnant, just about the time most expectant moms start anticipating their baby’s gender. In Season 6, episode 9 of TLC’s Sister Wives, Robyn and Kody Brown finally let the cat out of the bag. Both to their family and the world.

In true reality TV fashion, this sister wife and her family left the big reveal until the very end of the episode. There’s a lot of hype and speculation as the pregnant Robyn and her hubby tease the kids and other wives, asking them whether they think baby No. 18 is going to be a boy or a girl. Little Solomon Brown, the newest addition to the Brown family and the only biological child of Kody and Robyn Brown, is asked by his pregnant mom if he’s expecting a sister or a brother.

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Solomon’s guess? When he replied to his sister wife mommy, he guessed that the much-anticipated new baby would be a girl.

So, was he right?

The show didn’t let viewers know right away. Instead, there were a few more theatrics before the pregnant sister wife’s big reveal. She engaged the youngest Browns (Solomon and his big sister Truely, daughter of Kody and sister wife No. 3, Christine) in a game where they unwrapped gifts to determine the gender of their soon-to-be sibling.

When Truely opened a box containing a bright pink baby doll, she figured out the puzzle, and it turns out Solomon was right. Pregnant sister wife No. 4 and the entire Brown family are expecting a baby girl!

The newest Brown is due on January 7, and the rest of the family seems to be as excited for pregnant sister wife Robyn to add a new little girl to the family as Meri and Solomon Brown. Hunter Brown got in on the excitement with a video call, where he told the world what he thought about the new addition.

“I feel like I have a lot of sisters, but that’s OK. I want more. I just love my sisters so much.”

Following the big announcement, the Brown family, including one pregnant sister wife and a whole gaggle of children, are heading to Alaska to escape the Nevada heat. Of course, most snow bunnies do it the other way around, hitting Alaska in the summer and Nevada in the winter. Maybe the family just wants to chill out?

When it’s all said and done, the Brown family seems to be handling the 18th pregnancy of a sister wife in stride, the way it has handled the rest of the family’s newcomers. Certainly, this pregnant sister wife will see her baby welcomed into the family’s loving fold immediately. I mean, if her favorite companion sister wife is willing to divorce her husband so a pregnant Robyn’s kids can be adopted, that’s true love, right?

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