Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Plan To Flaunt Relationship On ‘The Voice’ Live Shows

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just admitted that they are actually dating, and now it looks like viewers are going to get to see their blossoming romance. Radar Online shared that the two have big plans to flaunt their relationship on the live episodes of The Voice. Right after Blake and Gwen announced their relationship, they shared that they had already written a song together. They know that their relationship is ratings gold, and they are ready to take advantage of that when the live shows airs this week.

An insider of the show shared that production has some plans for Blake and Gwen on the show.

“Now that Blake and Gwen have gone public with their relationship, there will most definitely be expectations on them to act like boyfriend and girlfriend on-air. Production is discussing whether or not they should now move their seats on the judging row so that they sit next to each other.”

Blake and Gwen already have trailers right next to each other on the set, but, of course, the viewers won’t be seeing that part of the show. The insider went on to explain that production even wants Blake and Gwen to play it up on the show by trying to steal each other’s eliminated contestants. This might not make it where Blake and Gwen get the people that they wanted, though, so who knows if they will actually go through with this part of it, but it could be interesting if they decide to do it.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani both recently got a divorce, and now they are dating each other. Rumors flew for a bit that they were dating, but just last week, Gwen’s rep actually confirmed that they are more than just friends. It looks like Blake Shelton has found love since his divorce from Miranda Lambert. shared what Gwen Stefani had to say about her new relationship with Blake Shelton today. Gwen did a big radio interview and shared a few details. She wouldn’t confirm if she is recording a country song with Blake Shelton, but she did speak out about the internet.

“That, I cannot answer. But what I will say is, I can’t believe how we live in a time where… like, the internet is crazy! Anyone can just say anything, and it can become reality.”

Gwen then went on to talk a bit about the show and made it sound like Blake Shelton has helped her through her hard time. Blake and Gwen both went through a very public divorce at the exact same time. During this time, they were working together, and it looks like friendship has now turned into a romance for them. Blake Shelton is moving on after his divorce from Miranda Lambert just fine.

“It feels like I’ve been in this cocoon and I’ve been ready to bust out, for many reasons. And there’s been loads of people around me who have come to help and make me feel like a new person and uplift me. There’s… incredible friends who have gone through similar things at the same time. It’s incredible how God works and places people to help you through tough times.”

You can watch Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on new episodes of The Voice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights on NBC. These live shows are going to be interesting to watch so that everyone can see the chemistry between Blake and Gwen. Do you think that they should flaunt their relationship on screen? It could make for really interesting episodes of the live shows this week. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss a new episode tonight.

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