Home wind turbines coming to Ace Hardware

Want to get in on the whole wind power thing and maybe reduce your energy bills by even a little bit?

Well sometime this fall you’ll be able to head over to your local Ace Hardware store and pick yourself up a Honeywell Wind Turbine from EarthTronics to slap up on your roof. The turbine is a gearless “free wheeling” turbine that can generate power even in times of low wind speeds. The wind turbine can create 2,000kWh/yr with wind speeds as low as 2mph and an upper limit of 45mph.

It’s still on the tad expensive side for the initial layout at $4,500, plus up to $1,500 for installation. However given the new incentives in the stimulus bill you should be able to claim a 30 percent tax credit. As well your individual states may be offering their own incentives as well.

Here’s a video about the turbine from EarthTronics.

[hat tip to EcoGeek.org]

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