Get to Know Logan Brown’s Girlfriend Michelle Petty

Tonight on a new episode of Sister Wives, everyone found out that Logan Brown has a new girlfriend named Michelle Petty. Of course, this made fans want to know the details of the new girl in Logan’s life. She actually went along with the family on their big trip to Alaska and was with the Brown family for the entire time. Michelle shared that this was a bit overwhelming for her. Logan’s girlfriend comes from a very small family and spending 14 days with this many people was new to her. It was just the Brown family and then Maddie Brown brought along her fiancé, boyfriend at the time, Caleb Brush, for three days of the trip. 2 Paragraphs shared a few details about Logan Brown’s girlfriend Michelle, so that fans could get to know more about her.

Michelle and Logan shared on the show that they do not have plans to live a plural lifestyle at all. Logan plans to just marry one woman and Michelle said that is exactly what she is wanting too. It is great that they are on the same page about this one. Michelle goes to UNLV as well, which means that more than likely Logan and Michelle met while they were at college, because that is where he attends as well. Logan’s girlfriend has shared that she likes line dancing, SpongeBob Squarepants, and shooting. Logan and Michelle dressed up together for Halloween as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. They looked like an adorable couple having a great time together.

Michelle Petty is very active on her Twitter account and this is a great way to get to know more about Logan Brown’s girlfriend. Michelle actually calls herself anti-social and said that she has night terrors. During the night, she will wake up screaming and is afraid she might be scaring her roommates by doing it. It sounds like Logan’s girlfriend lives with a few female roommates. It doesn’t sound like Michelle has her big plans for after college yet. You never know if Michelle and Logan could end up getting married, but they are not to that point yet.

On the show tonight, Logan Brown was teased a bit about getting married, but didn’t mention if he is ready to do that just yet. Logan and Michelle seem very serious, but they aren’t engaged yet and aren’t even talking about marriage on the show. Maddie is already engaged to Caleb Brush, but that doesn’t seem to be convincing Logan to move faster in his relationship. Maddie has also shared that she doesn’t have plans to live a plural marriage like her parents do.

Christine talked on the show about how Logan Brown and Michelle Petty are very cute together. It is great to see him in a romantic setting because they are not used to seeing him in this way. These two do look great together.

Bustle shared back in July of 2014 that Logan Brown was still single, but they did share a few pictures of him with various girls. One of the girls he was pictured with is Michelle, who happens to go to UNLV and was studying Criminal Justice. It really does look like this is actually the Michelle that Logan Brown ended up with about a year later. Logan and Michelle did not share how long they have been dating, but it looks like things are going great for the couple.

Do you think that Logan Brown has found his perfect match? What do you think of the connection between Logan Brown and Michelle Petty? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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