Kandi Burruss Hopes Phaedra Parks And Todd Tucker Will Work It Out But Todd Continues To Blast Phaedra

The premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 that aired on Sunday night showed that viewers may see Kandi Burruss’ friendship with Phaedra Parks become even more complicated as the season progresses, thanks to Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker wanting Phaedra to pay up.

In one scene, Todd reveals that he did not some work for Phaedra and her now estranged husband Apollo Nida on a fitness DVD that never hit the shelves. He says that despite providing his services at a discount, Phaedra still hasn’t paid. Todd tells Kandi to confront Phaedra abut the nonpayment, something which Kandi is reluctant to do since her friendship with Phaedra is still strained. Todd makes clear to Kandi that he doesn’t think very highly of Phaedra.

“I don’t f**k with you ’cause you’re shady, shiesty…and you’re talking s**t. If you do that to us, there’s no telling what you’ll do to anybody else.”

It’s not just money over the fitness DVD that Todd seems to have a problem with. Earlier in the scene with Kandi, Todd brings up that Apollo, now a year into his eight-year sentence for fraud, isn’t doing too well in prison. While Phaedra claims that she and Apollo correspond “quite frequently” and are “cordial,” Todd tells Kandi that Apollo tells him that Phaedra is keeping their two sons away from him.

“He hasn’t seen the kids,. He says right now, he only calls once a month. He was calling so often…they don’t even answer the phone.”

Kandi is hoping that Todd and Phaedra will work it out soon. As Kandi appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live after the season premiere, she responded to a viewer who wondered why Todd is mad at Phaedra for not paying for his services but not Apollo, who didn’t pay either. Kandi explained that Todd’s anger is directed at Phaedra because she was the one who negotiated and made the agreement with him. Kandi added that she hopes that Todd and Phaedra work it out soon, making it pretty clear that Phaedra has yet to pay.

“Because she made the agreement & handled the business with @Todd167. All biz was negotiated thru her. Hopefully they will work it out soon.”

Kandi Burruss’ wish may be not happen since Todd Tucker is still lashing out at Phaedra Parks on social media over his payment. As the episode aired, Todd tweeted that he and Kandi need to stop doing favors for “shady a** fake friends.” He commented that while everybody claims that they’re rich, they don’t want to pay for things.

“We need to stop doing favors for shady ass fake friends!! Everybody rich but don’t want to pay!”

Todd also posted a photo about having a bad reaction upon seeing someone who owes him money spending money.


Kandi and Phaedra’s long friendship was tattered and broken by the end of the seventh season. During that season, Phaedra admitted to Porsha Williams and NeNe Leakes that Kandi hasn’t really been there for her as she goes through her drama with Apollo. Kandi, who was completely unaware of how Phaedra was feeling, was taken aback when NeNe and Porsha told her this information. Kandi and Phaedra subsequently had two heart-to-heart talks in which they agreed to communicate with one another better. During those talks, Kandi also told Phaedra that she’s going through her own issues, which includes the fact that her play was suddenly canceled.

As the season aired, Kandi became incensed as she heard what Phaedra said during her solo interviews and conversations with NeNe and Porsha. At the season 7 reunion show, Kandi blasted Phaedra for her comments and pointed out that she has been there for her plenty of times. Kandi then pretty much told Phaedra that the friendship is over.

“Phaedra, when you sit up there on TV and was like, ‘Well she just lost a business deal… money can make me happy…,’ as if that’s the only thing that was going on…to see her trying to play me like, oh all I cared about was money, I was like, ‘Really? Oh okay. Well you ain’t gotta worry about it no more.'”

While the trailer for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 shows that viewers will see Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks continue to have drama with their friendship, it seems that they were actually able to work it out. The two women have recently posted photos of themselves hanging out, outside of filming for the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both women attended the premiere party of co-star Sheree Whitfield’s new show. In her photo from the night, Kandi called Phaedra her girl.


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