‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Overnight Dates Filming In Surprise Locale, Per Reality Steve

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins has almost finished filming, and Reality Steve’s spoilers are teasing plenty of juicy scoop. Ben and his final three ladies for Season 20 are in the midst of filming their overnight dates, and Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have revealed a shift in what many fans had anticipated per his earlier reports. What is the latest from filming?

Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that Ben Higgins’ final three ladies are Caila Quinn, Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell. Though Steve’s Bachelor spoilers had previously indicated that Ben and the last three bachelorettes were headed to Greece for filming, Steve has now admitted that this previous information was incorrect. Where are they filming at this stage of the season instead?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers via Twitter, Higgins and the final three Season 20 bachelorettes are filming in Jamaica. Though seeing a couple of episodes film in Greece would have been an amazing adventure for Ben, the ladies, and the viewers, most would say that Jamaica will be a romantic setting for the overnight dates, last dates, and final rose ceremony as well.

Per Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Ben and Caila had their overnight date already. They took in a fireworks show, did some swimming, had a romantic dinner alongside the beach, and surely they did plenty more together that will be revealed later as the season airs. Just how steamy did this date get? Fans won’t know that for a bit yet, but it seems the two did go ahead with the full date, unlike what viewers have seen in some other seasons.

At this point, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers haven’t detailed anything in the sense of which fantasy dates will be filmed when. Since some photos have already emerged from Ben and Caila’s fantasty date, fans may find that more will emerge in the days ahead with other dates as well. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the group is based at the Sandals Royal Plantation resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have detailed that Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony will be filmed on November 18, and he now says that will happen in Jamaica as well. Whether Ben and the ladies stay in Ocho Rios at the Sandals resort, or move around a tad in the days ahead, remains to be seen.

Will there be any unusual eliminations or blindsides during these overnight dates? It’s too soon to know for certain on that front yet. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed that there is a definitive frontrunner in Ben’s mind among these final three bachelorettes, and that it has been fairly obvious for a bit now.

If that is indeed the case, will any of the bachelorettes leave on their own or leave early, like what viewers saw on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season with Andi Dorfman or in some other seasons? It sounds as if nothing like that has happened yet, but Reality Steve’s spoilers will surely have plenty more to share as the next few days and dates play out.

Will Ben find love during Season 20? Will Reality Steve’s spoilers be correct? Fans cannot wait to get the scoop regarding Ben Higgins’ final rose and see how the stage is set for the likely lead for the spring 2016 Bachelorette season. ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season begins on Monday, January 4 and fans cannot wait to dig into this new round of romance and drama.

[Image via Ben Higgins’ Instagram]

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