‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Maggie Reveals Huge News, Wants Answers About Glenn

The Walking Dead viewers are in for another big episode on Sunday night. Season 6 has already been so dramatic, especially since Glenn’s possible death back in episode 3. Now, it’s Glenn’s wife, Maggie, who will have fans talking after the newest episode.

According to the Spoiling Dead Facebook page, A huge detail about Maggie will be revealed in Sunday night’s episode. While there has been speculation that Maggie and her husband Glenn are expecting a baby for the past few seasons, this time it is true. Maggie is pregnant with Glenn’s baby, and the news comes at the most heartbreaking time for the couple.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Maggie pregnant with Glenn's baby.
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The Spoiling Dead, who have come to be arguably the most reliable source for all things Walking Dead spoilers reveals that the information that Maggie is pregnant will come to light on Sunday and fans will likely feel very torn about the new life growing inside of her. This is because the fate of her husband, Glenn Rhee is uncertain.

In episode 3 The Walking Dead fans watched as Glenn and Nicholas got surrounded by a huge heard of walkers and Nicholas decided to tragically end his life. However, it all backfired when Nicholas’ lifeless body fell on top of Glenn’s, knocking him to the ground. The next thing viewers saw was what seemed to be Glenn’s body being ripped apart and devoured by zombies.

However, some fans believe that Glenn is still very much alive and that the walkers were actually ripping into Nicholas’ dead body, which seemed to land right on top of Glenn. Since the “death” scene actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee on the hit AMC series, has had his name removed from the opening credits, and many believe that the show is really selling the fact that Glenn is dead hard.

Unfortunately for impatient fans, it seems that we won’t officially know whether or not Glenn is alive or dead until around episode 7, just one show before the huge mid-season finale.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Glenn to be a father.
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Hollywood Life reports that Michonne will have to tell Maggie the heartbreaking news that Glenn did not come back from his mission and that it is a good possibility that he didn’t make it past the extremely large group of walkers that were roaming the town. Of course Maggie, who has been separated from Glenn in the past, will never give up on her love and will go looking for her man. She’ll also be accompanied by Aaron.

Meanwhile, other than Maggie’s confirmed pregnancy in the episode, The Walking Dead spoilers for Sunday’s show reveal that Rick and Jessie will share some intimate moments, and fans are waiting for these two to officially hook up. While Rick and Jessie get closer, it seems their sons, Carl and Ron, will butt heads even further. The two teens will fight over Enid during the show, and the animosity that Ron feels for Rick and Carl both will allegedly come back to haunt the Grimes family.

Rumors are flying that, in the mid-season finale, Rick will be forced to sacrifice Jessie in order to save Carl, and that Ron will witness the entire situation go down. Ron will then be filled with hatred and grab a gun with full intention of shooting and killing Rick. However, Carl will see this play out and step in front of the gun. Ron will pull the trigger and shoot Carl right in the eye. Carl will then allegedly lose his eye.

It looks like The Walking Dead Season 6 drama shows no signs of stopping, and fans are looking forward to seeing how it all plays out every Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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