Greg Hardy’s Twitter Apology Over 47 Photos Of Bruised Nicole Holder: ‘I Express My Regret — #GodBlessHookyStreet’

Now that the 47 photos of Greg Hardy’s ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, have hit the web, as reported by the Inquisitr, responses to the photos have put the heat on Greg. Questions abound about the rapper Nelly’s relationship with Nicole, and how it acted as the catalyst that fateful night that Holder says Hardy once again launched into a rage over Nicole’s brief relationship with Nelly during a time when Greg and Nicole had broken up. According to those statements that Holder made to police, Hardy would immediately launch into a rage from being happy, and once again attack Nicole because of her time with Nelly. Holder told police that Hardy suffered from bipolar disorder and didn’t always take his medication.

Now, Hardy himself is turning to Twitter to express his remorse over the 47 photos of Nicole with bruises in the photo gallery on Deadspin.

On Hardy’s Twitter page, titled Kraken&theNightmares, @OverlordKraken, Greg posted a tweet on November 8 that didn’t mention Nicole by name, but is widely being attributed to the bruised photos of Holder being passed around the Internet.

The tweet from Hardy expressed his sorrow for the things that occurred in the past — presumably the reported assault of Nicole — and next Greg wrote about moving forward to becoming the best NFL teammate and individual that Hardy could be. That tweet received at least 1,000 likes on Twitter.

“Just had to say I express my regret 4 what happened in past and I’m Dedicated to being the best person & teammate that I can be.”

Hardy went on to tweet how grateful and blessed that Greg felt for being able to play in the NFL.

No doubt, Hardy is feeling the pressure from those who want Greg to be kicked out of the NFL. People are trying to figure out what “God bless Hooky Street” means, and why Hardy would include that hashtag. According to Genius, “Hooky Street” is a place where illegally gained things are sold.

“But mostly I am Grateful 4 the opportunity to play in NFL

An article making the rounds shows the viewpoint of those who believe that Hardy’s time in the NFL should be over with, due to the photos of Holder getting released. An article titled “Brennan: Kick Greg Hardy out of NFL after release of photos,” shows the view of USA Today writer Christine Brennan as she describes why she feels the NFL should kick Greg out of the league.

“Take a look, sports fans. Take a good look at the 48 photos Deadspin has put online of the battered and bruised body of Greg Hardy’s former girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Study the welts and marks on her back, her arms, her legs, her chin, her neck and her foot. Then tell me why Hardy should ever be allowed to play another down in the NFL.”

As reported by TMZ, American Airlines is standing by the Dallas Cowboys team — because they don’t support individual players, but entire teams — and Hardy isn’t getting kicked out of the NFL by team owner Jerry Jones. Jones believes that Greg has paid his debt to society — and Greg has reportedly settled with Holder, which is why it’s believed that Nicole isn’t speaking further about the case — and that Hardy should be forgiven for his sins.

Previously, Hardy sported No. 76 when Greg was with the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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