Donald Trump Dances To ‘Hotline Bling’ On ‘SNL’ [Video]

Donald Trump’s SNL guest host appearance was expected to be controversial on Saturday, November 7. However, not many SNL folks may have expected “The Donald” to show up in a parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” viral video. Pretty soon, Twitter was exploding with tweets about Trump and his “Hotline Bling” dancing, and SNL put the video on Twitter, too, in the form of a GIF.

Indeed, most folks agree that Trump’s bad dancing and singing in the “Hotline Bling” parody was better than the SNL sketch that proceeded it, which was supposed to feature “The Donald” live-tweeting an SNL sketch. However, a visit to “The Real Donald Trump” Twitter account proved that Trump wasn’t actually live-tweeting the sketch. Only tweets that appeared as if they came from Trump’s Twitter account appeared on the screen, and plenty of the disparaging tweets about SNL cast members fell flat. Especially a tweet from Trump to Leslie Jones, in which Donald declared that he loved the blacks.

Trump as a dancing Drake-type in “Hotline Bling” was funnier, however, as witnessed by all the folks tweeting their reactions to seeing “The Donald” attempt to dance in the “Hotline Bling” parody.

The reviews are mixed for Trump’s version of “Hotline Bling,” as Donald sang and urged others to call him on his cell phone. Unlike Drake’s version of “Hotline Bling,” which spoke of a woman who used to call him late at night when she needed his love, Trump sang with the text “Tax Guys” emblazoned in front of him.

Trump even made the best of the $5,000 reward offered to anyone who shouted that Trump was a racist, which was offered by Deport Racism, as reported by the Inquisitr. The SNL writers jumped the gun and had Larry David shout that Trump was racist in a bit that found David requesting the $5,000 for himself. It was a move that SNL made that attempted to take back the power from any would-be hecklers in the SNL audience.

Besides featuring Trump in the “Hotline Bling” parody, SNL mentioned those folks protesting the presence of “The Donald” by mentioning the “Dump Trump” protesters in the “Weekend Update” segment of the show.

Also during the “Weekend Update” segment of SNL, the “Drunk Uncle” character was the only one openly supporting Trump.

On Twitter, tweets about Trump kept pouring in to the social networking site during SNL. Some Twitter users had to wonder aloud if that was really Trump or an actor dressed as “The Donald” during the viral “Hotline Bling” SNL segment.

Indeed, it was an odd appearance to see a presidential candidate dance to a viral hit like “Hotline Bling,” and Trump certainly looked out of his element doing a sort of “Twist” dance to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” song.

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