‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn’s Death Scene Upsets Norman Reedus [Video]

In all of the episodes from The Walking Dead Season 6, Glenn’s death scene is probably the most memorable. While the AMC producers are being very cagey about whether or not Glenn is alive, Norman Reedus commented on Glenn’s death scene, and he seemed kind of upset by the way it was handled. This might mean Glenn is dead, but Reedus did not one hundred percent confirm the fate of Steven Yeun’s character.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Daryl Dixon’s death is often the topic of The Walking Dead spoilers articles, and one of the show’s producers directly addressed this particular idea during a recent interview.

The last time we saw Glenn, Nicholas had just shot himself, sending both men plummeting to their apparent doom underneath the crushing weight of a zombie herd. Since Glenn landed next to a dumpster, some fans say it is possible he manages to survive by scrambling away. At the same time, Glenn’s death scene seems to show his inwards being torn asunder, although it is possible this is Nicholas’ guts being violated by the zombies.

Whatever the truth may be, Norman Reedus also felt it in his own guts.

“I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that!” Reedus exclaimed to the Wall Street Journal. “I had the same feeling, trust me. That’s our show. That’s what we do. We rip your guts out — literally.”

When it comes to The Walking Dead spoilers, this statement could be taken multiple ways. Reedus does not directly confirm nor deny Glenn is dead, although the actor tells fans that we need to be paying attention closely.

“It’s really entered a mature level of storytelling this time,” he said. “Little tiny things mean so much later. You really have to pay attention to everything. The acting is so on point, the directing is so on point. I feel like [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] is really leading the team to the Super Bowl.”

The Walking Dead Glenn Death
The Walking Dead – Glenn’s Death [Image via AMC]

Glenn Dead Already Or Fated To Meet Negan?

One of the official The Walking Dead spoilers is a preview for tonight’s episode, and it has Michonne telling Maggie that Glenn did not make it back.

This teaser is certainly teasing the fans. The popular theory is that if Glenn did not survive, then Daryl should die by Lucille — a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Even if Glenn is alive, it is also believed Morgan could serve as a substitute in the famous scene from the graphic novels, which makes sense considering how much screen time that character is being given lately. There is also the idea that Daryl could be another candidate for receiving Negan’s wrath, but at this point this idea seems unlikely.

Regardless of fan theories, the TWD producers are certainly being cagey about what happened to Glenn. Executive producer Greg Nicotero spoke to Comic Book about The Walking Dead Season 6 and he was directly asked if Glenn will dodge Negan’s bat, assuming the character survived the recent episode.

“That’s not even a question I would begin to start to answer,” Nicotero responded. “The truth of the matter is a lot of our characters have those brushes with death and some of them make it through and some of them don’t. We had something as shocking as Emily Kinney’s death last year, and then in season three we had that moment where we thought Carol was dead and then she returned a couple episodes later. What’s really critical for our show is that we’re taking the audience on the best ride that we can. It’s not always fun and it’s not always cheerful but it’s our show.”

Nicotero was asked if Nicholas somehow survived shooting himself in the head, but even then the TWD producer didn’t give a completely straight answer.

“Is Nicholas still alive?!” the producer said. “Well, you know, we definitely saw some blood spatter on Glenn, so in terms of if somebody would be able to potentially survive that gun shot, I don’t know.”

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, 7 Spoilers: Glenn's Death In Credits, Rick Grimes' Hand Loss, And Gay Jesus
Glenn’s Death Scene [Image via AMC]
Well, even if good ol’ Nick is bulletproof, we know someone’s guts were torn out. A question mark remains in regards to Glenn, although actor Steven Yeun had his name removed from the opening credits, something the show normally does not do if a character is alive. Still, it’s possible it’s more misdirection, since fans have been promised we’ll see Yeun in the future — dead or alive.

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