In Vanity Wonder’s ‘Shot Girls,’ Phenomenon of Illegal Butt Implants Probed by Enhanced Author

In Vanity Wonder’s Shot Girls, a terrifying world of basement butt injections are explored- but the 30-year-old Wonder herself is an admitted repeat offender.

To be clear, Wonder’s personal interest in butt injections is plainly obvious to anyone who views pics of the implant addict- but Wonder warns those who may seek ass augmentation based on her photos:

“Don’t look at me and think that I’m living happy… You may not come out like me.”

Vanity Wonder’s butt has doubled in size, she reports, since she began her quest to back dat ass up just 13 short years ago. Wonder was 17 the first time she sought back-alley butt injections, not even inquiring as to what the “shot girl” injecting her may have been using. (Wonder later learned soybean oil was responsible for her first two augmentations.)

After her early experiences with butt injections, Wonder says she only received medical grade silicone shots. But she warns that not only are women willing to submit to these casual surgical procedures, many are willing to dole them out as well:

”I started in 2006 – this is when everything was hush, hush, hush. You had to search to find this stuff. Now anyone on the corner will inject you with what they buy at the Kwik-E-Mart or at the gas station. People are taking advantage of it.”

Wonder continues:

“But instead of paying $14,000 for the doctor, somebody on the street has created a way for women to get a butt at a cheaper price point.”

And though Wonder admits she is ultimately lucky, she also says that she had to “patch up” earlier attempts, scarily, with super glue and cotton balls. (Which feels even a bit Death Becomes Her when you have to do it to your own nails, could you imagine super gluing your ass?)

Wonder remarks:

“I look in the mirror and I love who I am. I didn’t go to jail, I have my arms and legs. I didn’t die because of the dumb crap that I did… I guess I do feel happy. I’m just so thankful that I’m here in one piece, and that I’m able to tell people to stop on this path, because somebody’s going to die.”

Vanity Wonder’s Shot Girls is available on her website.

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