Bindi Irwin Taking Big Risk On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ After Judges Get More Critical

Bindi Irwin is going to take a big risk on Monday night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. But what could possibly be harder than channeling Grace Kelly while your toenails are falling off, transforming into a bloodthirsty vampire queen, or nailing the famous Dirty Dancing lift?

How about hitting the ballroom blindfolded?

In his most recent TV Guide blog post, Bindi Irwin’s pro partner, Derek Hough, revealed the daring stunt that he and Bindi have devised to impress the judges. Getting those perfect scores from now on could prove to be tough, as demonstrated by the comments made by judge Julianne Hough — she basically admitted that the judges are trying really hard to find reasons to deduct points from Bindi’s score. However, Bindi Irwin might force them to give her 10s anyways by showing them something that they haven’t seen before. According to Derek, Bindi is going to be blindfolded during their routine, and he’s going to make sure that she can’t see anything.

“She’s also going to be blindfolded in the dance,” Derek wrote. “And I don’t mean those blindfolds where you can still see a little out of them. She’s gonna be completely blindfolded and won’t be able to see a thing. I think it’ll be cool. I’m very excited about it.”

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough will be dancing a Viennese Waltz to “Roses and Violets” by Alexander Jean, but it’s not the only routine that the couple has been working on this week — the remaining Dancing with the Stars competitors also have to perform a dance duet with another couple. Bindi and Derek have been paired with Derek’s BFF, Mark Ballas, and his celebrity partner, Alexa PenaVega. Alexa danced with Derek during Switch-Up week and got a perfect score, so you’d think that Derek and Bindi would be feeling pretty good about their team’s chances in the duet competition. However, Bindi is actually struggling with their jazz routine inspired by the Chicago musical.

“When we started doing jazz for Chicago, Bindi was struggling picking it up and getting frustrated,” Derek revealed. “My poor little Bindi! She’s reaching that point of pure exhaustion. I need to give her a pep talk and keep her rocking. It’s crazy when you see her tired.”

As Dancing with the Stars viewers know, Bindi Irwin’s feet have been giving her a lot of grief — she actually revealed that she was using superglue to keep her toenails on after they started falling off. Bindi told Fox News that her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, advised her to use superglue to keep her little piggies in one piece, but her toenails aren’t her only trouble — according to Bindi, she also has “actual craters” in the soles of her feet because she has to cut hard pieces of skin off of them every night. She compared the pain caused by these sores to “tearing a hangnail but dancing on top of it.”

Derek also mentioned Bindi’s torn-up tootsies in his blog.

“That just goes to show you that that girl doesn’t complain at all,” Derek wrote. “I just have to keep checking on her toes every now and then. Once they start falling off literally, then I’ll start worrying!”

Bindi Irwin’s busted feet and her struggle with the duet dance aren’t the only issues that might affect her performance on Monday night. According to Entertainment Weekly, she’s currently dealing with a bizarre legal snafu involving her late father, and it’s possible that it’s been stressing her out a bit during this week’s rehearsals.

The issue involves her attempt to get the money that she’s owed for appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Because Bindi Irwin is a minor, a court must approve any payment that she receives from ABC. However, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that Bindi can’t currently receive her money because she hasn’t demonstrated that her father, Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, has waived his rights to it. As Dancing with the Stars fans know, it’s impossible for Steve to sign off on ABC’s direct payment to Bindi — he died in 2006.

Hopefully the legal dispute can be settled by simply producing a copy of Steve Irwin’s death certificate.

You can see if Bindi Irwin doesn’t let her troubles stop her from scoring more 10s when Dancing with the Stars airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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