Apple’s Clothing Line: iPad Maker Shilled Sweats in the 80’s

Apple’s clothing line viewed through the lens of time passed is hilarious in like, several different ways.

Apple’s clothing line was marketed in 1986- in the 80’s, Apple had some prominence, but far less cachet in the market than it does now.

And the 80’s were a far less apologetic time, sartorially in particular. In fact, we kind of feel bad for Apple because no one should have their 80’s fashions splashed all over the internet for mocking purposes, because back then, we were all dressed like that. Oh, yes.

Yes, Apple’s clothing line is (as friend of the blog Simon Doonan would say) totally naff when critiqued by 2012 eyes, but first of all, the 80’s were a time before one was able to pick up a masstige look at Target for relatively low prices- clothing was expensive, loud, cut in a matronly fashion and less focused on mix and match pieces.

But Apple’s clothing line also pre-dates the brand’s high-end feel, with a focus on minimalism, chrome and sharp lines. The items in Apple’s clothing line- dubbed “The Apple Collection”- are a snapshot of the era, and wouldn’t look too out-of-place in an 80’s comedy.

Instead of a uniform black turtleneck and jeans look, the one we’ve all grown accustomed to via Apple’s late leader Steve Jobs, neons and royal blues and even scripty logos prevailed. Apple’s clothing line also sported trucker style hats, bright sweatshirts, and a series of jaunty sportswear so the Apple fanboy of the 80’s could show their Apple pride.

Pics below- can you believe Apple’s clothing line was once officially offered by the brand before it was all sleek and cool?

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