‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 5 Spoilers: The Search For Glenn And Sewer Zombies

This season of The Walking Dead is moving along quite briskly, but that includes a lot of things happening and so much to already look back on. Season 6 has seen a ton of rumors and spoilers flying around, and many of them have been proven to be true, but others are still unresolved. This week’s episode is entitled “Now,” and the following information are spoilers for it and include info that some new types of zombies/Walkers are on the way.

Please let it be known that there are possible SPOILERS ahead for the current season of The Walking Dead. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Spoiler TV revealed an advanced preview of this week’s brand new episode, and it’s likely going to continue what many are saying is the best season yet of The Walking Dead. While many weren’t overly happy with last week’s happenings, “Now” is likely to change all of that.

Things are moving back to Alexandria this week, and those that have been there a while are not used to everything going on. Since Rick and the survivor showed up, their lives have seen an upheaval that includes far too much violence, a lot of fights, and plenty of Walkers to go along with a good bit of death.

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The Alexandrians are starting to learn the lessons of the way the world is now, and they’ve been learning the hard way. Only now, it’s going to get even harder.

In “Now,” the Alexandrians are going to learn that the Wolves are far from the only danger they have to handle. Countless Walkers are showing up from the herd and beginning to surround the safe-zone. Yes, they’re safe inside, but they’re also trapped.

At the end of last week’s episode, someone was shouting “open the gates,” and it was supposedly Rick’s voice. Now, that mystery is going to be solved early this week.

And speaking of the herd, the group doesn’t really have a method or plan for taking care of them right now. They’re actually waiting for Abe and Daryl Dixon to show back up and lead them away. A new underground passageway is discovered though, and some in the group will be using it this week.

Now, there are some serious subjects that many fans of The Walking Dead want to know about for this week, and here is what is going on. The Spoiling Dead fans had a lot of info to give forth, and that includes the dead-or-maybe-not-dead Glenn.

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So if you’re wondering if Glenn shows up this week, let it simply be known that he does not. It still doesn’t look like there will be concrete evidence whether he is actually dead or not. Maggie and Aaron do head out searching for him, but they don’t quite make it there.

One other thing to know is that this week on The Walking Dead, there will be some new Walkers introduced. They are said to be cooler than the Tree Walkers and the Fire Walkers, and that they are some of the most disgusting things imaginable.

That’s not hard to imagine considering what they’re being referred to as, and that’s “sewer zombies.”

A few other small/big tidbits from this week’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “Now” to watch out for:

  • Two kisses will happen this week – One will be their first, one is a woman and a woman
  • Maggie is indeed pregnant
  • Not a whole lot to do with The Wolves in this episode
  • The Walker herd is huge…absolutely gigantic

Season 6 of The Walking Dead has already turned out to be a good one, but there is so much more to go. The spoilers for episode 5 show that a lot more is to happen this week than last, so fans should be happy about that. Keep your eyes open for info on Glenn, the giant Walker herd, and the sewer zombies.

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