Jill Dillard Accused Of Child Abuse, Duggar Followers Claim Dillards Are Abusing Israel In Latest Video

Jill Dillard and husband Derick are receiving criticism for the latest video posted to their Instagram account. Jill posted what was supposed to be a sweet video of her 7-month-old son Israel to the account. She noted that Israel was in the middle of a “photoshoot.” However, many are blasting the new mother, claiming that the video shows child abuse and that the Dillards are using the controversial blanket training method with the baby.

Jill Dillard’s Instagram page is experiencing some controversy after she posted a video of 7-month-old baby Israel being held down for a photograph. The baby can be seen lying on a blanket or bed before attempting to roll over and leave the area. The video was meant to show how tough it is to get a good photograph of a squirmy baby, but the plan seems to have backfired as the comments section took a turn for the worse with some even accusing the Dillards of child abuse.

Israel Dillard
Israel Dillard is held down as Jill attempts to take a photograph of the little wiggler. (Image via Instagram/ Jill Dillard)

“I didn’t know it was ok to push a baby down for a photo and knock their heads on soft surfaces! Thanks for clearing that up. SILLY ME warning a new dad to be careful?”

The comments ranged from people being concerned that Israel’s head was “slammed” down too hard to others claiming the new dad was pushing down on the child’s arms too hard.

“Way to slam the kids [sic] head down on the bed.”

Others commented on the fact that the Duggars allegedly use the “blanket training method” in which a child is spanked if they leave a designated blanket area.

“I don’t think blanket training is going so well with this one.”

This isn’t the first time that the Duggar family has been accused of child abuse. In fact, earlier this year, a police report uncovered by Radar Online claims that one of the Duggar children described beating hit with “a rod.” The police report was performed following allegations of molestation against oldest son Josh Duggar. In the process of the investigation, the police interviewed children in the home. According to the report, one of the children was asked if the parents spanked them and the child responded, “yes.” When asked what the parents spanked the children with, the child responded, “a rod.” The child claimed that the parents spanked all the children in the home with “the rod.” However, the child said that the parents never bruised them in the process of the spankings.

Jill Dillard
Israel attempts to sit up and is placed back on the bedding. (Image via Instagram/ Jill Dillard)

With an apparent lack of evidence of abuse, Michelle and Jim Bob were never charged with child abuse. However, that hasn’t kept people from claiming many of their child-rearing methods are tantamount to abuse. Another controversial subject regarding the Duggar’s “training” of their children is the blanket training method. Blanket training is a method endorsed by Michael and Debi Pearl, the writers of the book To Train Up A Child. The method, for many, includes teaching a child to play on a blanket or in a designated area quietly. However, the controversy surrounds the use of a “flexible ruler” to swat the child if they move off of the blanket or out of the area.

Israel Dillard
The final finished product from the “photoshoot.” (Image via Instagram/ Jill Dillard)

Though the spanking or swatting is mentioned in the use of the method, the Duggar Family Blog claims that the method is simply used to teach children to play quietly alone. There is no mention of how exactly this method is taught to the children.

“Starting when her children are toddlers, Michelle teaches them to play quietly with a single toy for short periods of time, often while sitting on a blanket. Blanket training teaches small children to exercise self-control in any situation (with or without a blanket). As the kids grow older, Michelle begins training them to sit quietly without a toy.”

Watch the full video here and let us know in the comments section what you think. Was Jill Dillard’s video showing child abuse, or are people being too critical of the new parents?

[Image via Instagram/ Jill Dillard]

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