Donald Trump ‘SNL’ Appearance Still Causing Controversy

Saturday Night Live has been hosted by many controversial guests over the years, but perhaps tonight’s show, with Donald Trump as the host, will cause the most controversy. Gossip Cop talks about celebrities being divided on Trump’s appearance.

“This week, John Leguizamo said he’ll never watch ‘SNL’ again, while George Lopez spoofed the situation with a Funny or Die parody. Now, with just hours to go before the broadcast, many stars have taken to Twitter with mixed opinions. Of course, some shared funny messages, too, such as Arsenio Hall, who wrote, ‘Don’t forget SNL tonight @georgelopez.'”

Donald Trump SNL
Donald Trump still causes controversy after all these years. [Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]
Gossip Cop notes that Eva Longoria, a longtime activist for immigrant rights, faced backlash after arguing that Trump has every right to host the show. But she did clarify that she definitely doesn’t support Donald Trump and has been very critical of his statements in the recent past. Michael Pena, Mara Wilson, and Debra Messing added to the group of people that don’t support Trump’s appearance.

Donald Trump must be a pretty forgiving person, especially since Saturday Night Live has ripped on him several times. The Wrap recently wrote an article that discussed SNL‘s history of Trump bashing.

In 2004, for example, Darrell Hammon appeared as Trump during a “Weekend Update” segment and insulted every person for doubting him. In 2007, SNL spoofed Trump for his feud with Rosie O’Donnell. Even the year 2015 has revealed some pretty mean (and hilarious to some) spoofs on Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s appearance on SNL is expected to bring in huge ratings. However, Mary McNamara from the Los Angeles Times recently wrote an opinion piece on why Trump’s appearance won’t help get him elected.

“But ratings have never been the same as votes — just ask the cast of ‘Empire’ — or even political support, and for all his frequently self-referenced business experience, Trump seems to have missed a major shift in the television industry: Ratings ain’t what they used to be.”

McNamara adds that overnight ratings aren’t as meaningful as they used to be and that any ratings increase Trump brings to SNL are only a one-time bump. Her article doesn’t clearly explain what that has to do with not helping him get elected, but she does bring up some very interesting points.

Trump’s support has stabilized among the Republican candidates, but he still leads the race, at least according to Fox News.

“Trump has the backing of 26 percent of Republican primary voters and is closely followed by Carson at 23 percent. The next tier includes two first-term Cuban-American senators: Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at 11 percent each. Those four capture the support of 7 in 10 primary voters (71 percent).”

One person at Fox News who won’t be voting for Donald Trump is Megyn Kelly, who has run her own anti-Trump campaign just about every night on her show. Several of Megyn Kelly’s supporters have become angry, and her show has dipped slightly in the ratings. Donald Trump still has a lot of support on Twitter.

No matter what way anyone tries to spin this, Saturday Night Live has scored a major coup — at least with advertisers. Donald Trump lovers and haters will be tuning in like flies on garbage. Are you excited about seeing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live? Let us know in the comments section.

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