#RespectLouis: Louis Tomlinson Labeled ‘The Ugly One,’ See How He Feels About Body Shaming

An article published by TheRichest is facing the wrath of Directioners after labeling Louis Tomlinson as the “ugly one” in the renowned band. The article, entitled “12 Male Celebrities That Are So Unattractive, They’re Sexy,” compiled men in the industry who are successful, but are “flat out just not cute.”

First on the list is the Doncaster-born crooner. According to the article, he is the unattractive member of the band, but following Zayn Malik’s departure, Louis can now be deemed as neutral.

“Every boy band member has a title; the ugly one, the one with the deep voice, the heart throb and if they are lucky; the neutral. One Direction band member Louis Tomlinson is unfortunately, the ugly one. However, he could now pass as the neutral since Zayn Malik is gone.”

The article went on to speculate that Tommo gets the least amount of fan signs during concerts.

“Tomlinson has that thing going on that most British men have; he has a few cute features but for the most part he is not good looking. Chances are at the 1D concerts, he has the least amount of fan girl signs. He kind of has this whole rat face thing happening that makes you question if it is cute or not.”

The #RespectLouis hashtag quickly became trending on Twitter. For fans, the article comes out as appalling because the writer seems to find delight in body shaming.

Some pointed out Louis’ good deeds and how he allots portions of his money to help people. Last August, the “No Control” singer organized a magical ball for Believe in Magic, a charity established in 2011 for terminally ill children. With the help of his mother Johannah Deakin, Louis played the role of a Prince Charming and spent time with children who felt like princes and princesses that night.

Apart from Louis, other celebrities included in the list were Robert Pattinson, Russell Brand, Steven Tyler, Shaun White, Owen Wilson, Jonah Hill, Ryan Gosling, Adrien Brody, Ed Sheeran, and Norman Reedus. Benedict Cumberbatch tops the list after being described by the writer as someone who “has squinty eyes, a huge head” and who “strikes most as a bumbling fool who has to rely on his charm in the entertainment industry.”

As per a Celebmix article, opinionated writings are fascinating, but the said article lacks grace.

“This entire piece is disrespectful not only to Louis, but to every person they named. They claimed that looks and personality should work together, that looks aren’t always everything, but here they are downgrading these people because they don’t fit their standards.”

The article’s author, Kaye L, doesn’t have any published contact information in her byline. It only states that she is a “Journalism graduate who is mastering her pop culture knowledge.”

Last year, the One Direction fandom also came to Liam Payne’s defense when Twitter trolls fired hateful remarks about his appearance, specifically his weight. Fortunately, Louis told a fan through a direct message that there’s nothing to worry because at the end of the day, they could still rely on the fans’ overwhelming support.

If his perspective on body shaming hasn’t changed, then fans can guarantee that a lone article cannot change Louis’ sunny disposition.

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