‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Fallout Continues As Jake Doe Struggles With Being Jason Morgan

It has been an emotional week on General Hospital, as Jake Doe has finally found out that he is really Jason Morgan. Viewers have been waiting for so long for this to happen and it has now been revealed to Jake himself. However, he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea that he is the popular hitman of Port Charles. There will be many struggles ahead as he, and everyone who loves him, will have to deal with the truth.

The ABC spoilers for the week of November 9 look ahead to the aftermath of the big Jason Morgan reveal. On Friday’s cliffhanger, Carly finally convinced Jake that he is Jason and the two walked into the church where his bride, Elizabeth, was waiting in her wedding gown to marry him. Jake is about to tell her, and the guests who came to see them marry, that he is Jason Morgan. The look on Elizabeth’s face says it all. She knows her secret will be exposed.

In the General Hospital clip for next week, Jason and Carly walk up to the bride and announce that Spinelli’s face recognition program has revealed the truth about Jake Doe. Sam and Patrick stand there waiting to hear what they have to say. This is the moment when Sam Morgan will find out that her husband is Jake Doe as she asks, “Jake, who are you?”

The interesting part is that Jason’s focus seems to be on Elizabeth, not Sam. Spoilers have said that Jason will now struggle with his feelings toward his legal wife when Jake Doe is really in love with the girl standing in front of him in the wedding dress. He will gently tell Elizabeth who he is. Of course, she already knows, but she is not expected to let him in on that piece of info just yet.

Jason will struggle with his true identity. He already has in his scenes with Carly, when she told him the truth. He was not having any of it. Jake doesn’t want to believe it. He has told Carly that he doesn’t feel anything or remember being Jason Morgan, or being Sam’s husband. This is what he will be struggling with for a while. He may just regret trying to find out his identity before he married Elizabeth, after all.

Billy Miller, who took over this iconic General Hospital role that actor Steve Burton originally brought to life, has been playing Jake Doe quite well. He is not quite the mobster type yet. In fact, he may never be the same person that everyone wants him to be. Miller has made this character his own by playing Jake Doe for the past year and it looks like he may just hit it out of the ball park by playing the role of a hurt and confused Jason Morgan.

Carly is thrilled that she has her best friend back in her life, but what about everyone else who loves Jason? Jason is supposed to visit Sonny in the hospital. The mob boss will be totally shocked by the news, but his sidekick is not the same person as he once was. How will Sonny handle the news?

Then there is Sam and Patrick who will struggle with this revelation. Obviously, it complicates their whole life now that Sam is still married. Even though previous rumors said that those two may have gotten married secretly, that doesn’t seem to be true, as Sam and Patrick were discussing when to get married at the church before all this happened.

The ABC spoilers also said that Patrick will be calling his ex-wife, Robin Scorpio, to tell her the news that Jason Morgan is alive. It looks like this is the prelude to her coming back to Port Charles. The recent announcement that actress Kimberly McCullough is coming back to reprise her role as Robin has General Hospital fans excited.

Kimberly McCullough will return to GH. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Kimberly McCullough will return to ‘GH.’ [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

However, it is bittersweet, as it is only temporary and it looks like Patrick Drake will be leaving with her after he is forced to break it off with Sam since she is obviously still married to Jason and still in love with him. Longtime actor Jason Thompson had just recently announced he was leaving the role of Patrick Drake, so this seems to be the set up for his departure from the soap.

We Love Soaps also mentioned that Hayden will be dropping some stunning news on Nikolas. What could that be? Maybe she never lost her memory to begin with and knows everything. Or, it could be something else, since she has been seen secretly talking to someone on the phone since she moved in with Nik.

Monday on General Hospital will be one episode that fans will not want to miss. The fallout from the Jason Morgan reveal will be seen in the struggles from not only Jake Doe, but also Sonny, Sam, Patrick, Elizabeth, and everyone else who loves Jason.

Sound off below on what you thought about the emotional scenes between Carly and Jason on Friday’s episode of General Hospital. What would you like to see happen now that Jake knows he is Jason Morgan?

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