Taylor Swift’s Songs Proven To Put Infants To Sleep: Parents Rejoice

Taylor Swift is loved around the world for her catchy music and jaw-dropping performances, but fans that have babies are now in for a real treat. Songs like “Blank Space,” “Love Story,” “Our Song,” and “You Belong With Me” are being remade into lullabies and the songs are just as cute as Taylor Swift. This means that fans can introduce their wee ones to the sounds of Taylor Swift before they can walk.

People reports that Rockabye Baby! has announced that their newest Lullaby Renditions will feature Taylor Swift’s music slowed to a relaxing beat and played with marimbas, xylophones, bells, and wooden blocks. What better way to send baby off to sleep?

The beautiful sounds of Taylor Swift’s music redone as a lullaby can be heard on the Rockabye Baby! website.

Twitter is also on board and news is spreading fast.

At least the lullaby gig is good news for Taylor Swift, which she needs because she has had some bad news to deal with lately. She currently has two lawsuits against her. She is being sued for plagiarism by R&B singer Jesse Graham, who claims some of Taylor Swift’s lyrics in “Shake It Off” are nearly the same as lyrics in his song “Haters Gone Hate.” Watch the two videos here and comment below with your thoughts.

Specifically, Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play / And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” are very similar to Graham’s lyrics, “Haters gonna hate / players gonna play.”

Graham says he didn’t notice the similarity until he saw Taylor Swift perform “Shake It Off” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. USA Today reports that Graham believes she couldn’t have come up with the lyrics independently.

“Her hook is the same hook as mine. If I didn’t write the song ‘Haters Gone Hate,’ there wouldn’t be a song called ‘Shake It Off.'”

Apparently, not everyone agrees with Graham that the similarity in the lyrics of the two songs is blatant plagiarism.

Graham’s lawsuit is for $42 million and was filed in Los Angeles. It came after he tried to speak with Taylor Swift’s record label, Big Machine Records, and Sony. Graham insisted on being credited as a writer on the song, but they refused. However, whether or not the lawsuit comes to fruition, Graham is already benefiting from the publicity of the lawsuit, with close to 1.4 million views of his video on YouTube.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Taylor Swift’s only lawsuit. David Mueller, a former radio host in Denver, is suing her because he was fired for what he claims are false accusations she made that he assaulted her by groping her during a photo shoot in 2013. Mueller insists it was one of his bosses responsible for the assault and not him. According to USA Today, Taylor Swift is counter-suing, and her lawyers make it clear that Mueller is the only one who committed the assault.

“Mueller’s new-found claim that he is the ‘wrong guy’ and, therefore, his termination from KYGO was unjustified, is specious. Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault — it was Mueller.”

Maybe both of these men, Graham and Mueller, should receive a copy of Taylor Swift’s lullabies to help soothe and relax them.

Regardless, Taylor Swift’s fans will not be shaken, nor will her incredible career. Even if Katy Perry has come out on top at $135 million as the top earner in the music biz for the past 12 months, with Taylor Swift coming in second at $80 million, Swift still rocks it. Besides, making music isn’t about the money, is it?

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