Sally Field Reacts To Burt Reynolds: ‘Any Response I Would Have Would Belong To Him’

Burt Reynolds and Sally Field have a long history, having ended their five-year romance more than 30 years ago, and Reynolds still looks back on those days with fondness. In fact, Burt recently confessed that he wished he hadn’t let Sally get away, a confession to which Ms. Field was quick to respond, though enigmatically to be sure.

Burt Reynolds Professes His Adoration For Sally Field

Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds misses what he’s lost with Sally Field. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Spike TV

Vanity Fair reports that Burt Reynolds was left feeling nostalgic, following the auction of some of his most personal and most iconic belongings, and those wistful thoughts are reportedly echoed in Burt’s new book. As it turns out, the auction is a sore subject for Mr. Reynolds, though he seems hesitant to reveal the reason for it, or why it should be so upsetting, if, as Burt says, the auction wasn’t conducted to save the Smokey and the Bandit actor from bankruptcy.

Still, the subject brings Burt on a melancholy tour of his past from his famous film roles to his loves and losses, but one period of his life stands out, and that is the time Reynolds spent with Sally Field, who he terms “the love of my life.” Burt says that he has missed Sally through the intervening years and even now, thirty years later, the sting of losing Field hasn’t lost its bite.

“Men are like that, you know,” Mr. Reynolds says. “You find the perfect person, and then you do everything you can to screw it up.”

Burt adds that he truly believes too much of anything, no matter how good it makes you feel, is unhealthy and sometimes a danger to oneself. Reynolds admits it is a hard lesson to learn and that he nearly destroyed himself, trying to learn that one thing, but he did finally come to understand when to back off and let things unfold naturally.

Reynolds knows that he isn’t easy to get along with in a one-on-one relationship, and he freely admits that to any prospective love interests, including Sally Field. Burt says he starts off every love affair by warning the woman in question that he can be a problem. Unfortunately, Reynolds says the women rarely ever believe him, and when they do find out that it was all true, they blame themselves.

“I sometimes will be very shut off from everybody,” Mr. Reynolds adds. “I can be very pettish and sometimes not available when you need me. At those times, I’m very selfish and worrying about my own problems…. I’m just being a prick. I don’t like that guy. I really hate that guy. And that’s me. But we all have the Devil in us.”

Sally Field Reacts To News Of Burt Reynolds’ Confession

Sally Field was standing on the red carpet at the Women’s Media Center Awards in New York City when she first heard of Burt Reynolds’ admission of love for the actress. And upon being asked how Burt’s devotion made her feel, Ms. Field told People magazine that she would really prefer to keep her thoughts private.

“I didn’t hear that yet,” said Ms. Field, upon being informed of Burt’s statements. “I have no response, really, and any response I would have would belong to him.”

Ms. Field’s response seems to indicate that there may be hope for a reconciliation between Reynolds and Sally, even if friendship is all that is to be rekindled.

Burt Reynolds can soon be seen in Guisela Moro’s horror film Hollow Creek, which also stars Steve Daron and is scheduled for a 2015 theatrical release.

Sally Field stars in Hello, My Name Is Doris, a drama by Michael Showalter, scheduled to hit theaters on March 11, 2016.

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