Josiah Duggar’s Ex Marjorie Jackson Writing Her Own Book

Josiah Duggar’s ex Marjorie Jackson sounds like she is ready to spill everything about love in a new book. Radar Online is now sharing her plans. The two courted for a while, but then later split and called it quits. They were never very public about their relationship. Josiah and Marjorie shared that they were courting, but then they split before she was ever on the show. The Josh Duggar scandal caused their show 19 Kids and Counting to be canceled, and now Marjorie is ready to write a book all about love. This is a book that is made for teen girls just like her.

Here is what Marjorie had to say about her book.

“Romantic sparks are fickle and unreliable—here one day, faded the next.”

If Josiah Duggar’s ex is writing a book all about love, you have to wonder how much she will say about Josiah in the book. This is the only time that Marjorie has dated so far, and she will probably be talking about her own experiences. It would just make sense that some information about Josiah Duggar would be in the book. Maybe she will explain somehow why their courtship didn’t work and if there was a way that they could have made things go better. Josiah and Marjorie were only together a short time before calling it quits. This experience has to be one of her few with love.

Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson have been pictured together one time since their big split. This had a few people wondering if they might be back together or just friends. So far, Marjorie and Josiah have both stayed quiet about their plans for their relationship or if they are dating anyone else either. If the two are back together, they do not seem to want the world to know at all.

When Josiah started dating Marjorie, he got his own Instagram account. He used to share things about the couple, but he has now removed every trace of her on the page. Josiah doesn’t really post anymore and just has a few posts up about himself with his siblings having a good time. Everyone would love it if Josiah Duggar would update fans about how things are going in his life now. He is a fan favorite, but Josiah has been quiet for a while now and just isn’t giving updates. The Duggars only seem to share on social networks when they are in a relationship, so this could be part of the reason he isn’t saying much.

The Duggar family will be coming back to TLC for a few specials starting in December. They will be all about Jill and Jessa, but you never know if Josiah will show up from time to time. They have already confirmed that Josh Duggar will not be allowed to be on the specials. They will focus on Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, but others family members will be making a few appearances, and Josiah would be a great addition to the show. If things are heating back up with Marjorie once again, this would be a good time for the Duggars to let everyone know about it.

Are you shocked to hear that Marjorie Jackson has big plans to write a love book? Do you think that she will spill a lot of secrets the Duggars don’t want the world to know? There is no word yet on exactly when her book will be out. Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts about her book. Do not miss the Duggars when they are back on TLC once again in December for at least three specials — and hopefully more.

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