‘The Originals’ Spoilers: Klaus Vs. Elijah, Rebekah Back In The Present, And More

As the latest episode of The Originals ended, Klaus and Elijah were once again fighting, Cami was arrested for crimes she (obviously) did not commit, and Aurora’s presence teased the inevitable return of Rebekah to the city.

On the Klaus and Elijah front in that Originals episode, Aurora revealing herself to Klaus led to the revelation of something Elijah had kept secret since soon after she had been turned: what led to her being very, very harsh when she told him she didn’t want to run away with him all those years ago. When word got out about vampiric activities, the family had to move on, and while Aurora wanted to go with them, Elijah saw that as a bad idea because of her brother, and instead compelled her to not only tell him what she knew about his brother that he did not, but also to break Klaus’ heart when refusing to leave with him.

Joseph Morgan as Klaus in The Originals
Klaus in The Originals season 3. [Image via the CW]

When Klaus confronted Elijah at the end of the episode, he suggested that the reason that Elijah stood by him all these years was out of guilt, not because they’re family. According to TVLine, executive producer Michael Narducci has called this “a great sin from Elijah’s past.”

“Maybe Elijah has stood by Klaus’ side for all these centuries because of a sense of guilt,” he suggested. “Maybe the noble, beautiful, honorable Elijah has some chinks in his armor.”

However, it’s really not the best time for them to be on opposite sides since they have to deal with threats outside of the brothers as well.

“What’s coming at them is far worse than each of them are to one another,” the EP teased, as reported by ET Online.

Well, first, they’re going to have to deal with the latest issues between them, and as the Originals season 3 promo for episode 6, “Beautiful Mistake,” posted by the CW shows, Freya’s going to return to quite a scene.

“We had a little chat,” Klaus said. Sure, “chat” is one way to describe what went down between the two brothers, but since this is the Mikaelson family — no one expects “chat” to mean just talking.

It was also revealed that Rebekah is the one who ended up Aurora’s sire after finding that she had slit her wrists, and she gave her blood to heal her. After that piece of information was revealed, it seemed that Rebekah showing up in the present again was inevitable – but all Narducci would say on the subject is they “have a storyline that will resolve Rebekah in Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ body and pick up with what’s going on with the original body, as well” – and if you watch the promo above, it seems that that storyline is going to begin next week.

Elsewhere in the most recent Originals episode, Cami and Vincent tried to track Lucien, only for the vampire to steal her away for a quick chat – and to leave her with the latest victim. When only her prints are found on him, Kinney arrests Cami, and it really doesn’t help her case where he found her, Narducci previewed.

“We’re going to see the effects of Cami being arrested and her room full of dark objects being discovered by the police. … Things are going to get a lot worse a lot more quickly for her.”

As for Kinney, Jason Dohring told TVLine that his character will begin “making connections” and “winds up in a real bad place,” which does include a scene with a vampire. “Compulsions and violence” were words he used to tease the “gruesome” scene.

Vincent, Cami and Kinney in The Originals 305
Kinney arrests Cami in The Originals’ “The Axeman’s Letter.” [Image via the CW]

The Originals season 3 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

[Image via the CW]

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