Was Jessa Seewald Rushed To Hospital With Childbirth Complications? Video Shows Ambulance Outside Of Her Home [Video]

The Duggars welcomed a new bundle of joy into their family yesterday evening, but it appears everything might not have went as planned regarding Jessa Seewald’s home birth. Though photos taken of the Seewalds’ baby boy showed him wrapped in a brown towel and in the comfort of one of the Duggar’s home, Jessa was shockingly absent from all of the photographs. The current rumored theory supposed Jessa was absent from the photos because she was rushed to the hospital following possible childbirth complications. TMZ obtained exclusive video footage of an ambulance and fire truck outside of the Seewald’s residence on the night of baby Seewald’s birth.

The Duggar family made an official announcement regarding the birth of Jessa Seewald’s first child. They shared a photo album of the new baby boy which show the baby swaddled in a towel with various members of the Duggar family. However, Jessa was not featured in any of the photographs and it appeared there may be good reason for her absence. TMZ reported that as Jessa was attempting a home birth, an unknown complication led to the new mother being rushed to a local hospital. The video showed the ambulance and fire truck parked outside of the Duggar home, but did not show footage of either vehicle leaving with Jessa inside. Nevertheless, TMZ claimed, “there were complications and she was rushed to the hospital.”

The complications were not named and it appeared only Jessa was rushed to the hospital, not the baby. Photos taken after the birth show baby Seewald in the comfort of the Duggar/Seewald home. Therefore, it is likely only Jessa had potential complications, as the baby appeared to remain in the care of the other Duggars and his father, Ben Seewald.

Though TMZ is reporting on the dramatic scene outside of the Duggar home, the Duggar family says that Jessa is “doing great.” Therefore, it seems whatever complications Jessa may have encountered during or after the birth have been dealt with by medical professionals. Jessa had expressed concerns over her home birth plans in the days leading up to the birth, noting that she feared a large baby. She explained to fans that she was the largest of the Duggar babies weighing in at 9 pounds and 15 ounces. It seems her fears were justified as baby boy Seewald weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces, just 4 ounces less than his mother.

Duggar grandbaby
Guinn Seewald with her new grandson. [Image via Instagram/Duggar Family Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray]
Duggar fans may be having a flashback after learning the news of a possible hospital transfer following the birth of the latest Duggar grandchild as Jill Dillard also had a dramatic home birth experience. Jill ended up giving birth via c-section after a long and hard labor. Despite the drama, Jill and baby Israel appear to be doing well.

Sister-in-law Anna Duggar had multiple successful home births with little to no drama. In fact, Anna Duggar gave birth to her youngest daughter, Meredith, at home earlier this year with no complications. Jill Dillard, now a certified professional midwife, did not make a statement regarding Jessa’s home birth or any potential complications as of this writing.

How big will Jessa Duggar Seewald's baby be? She's getting worried.
Jessa shared her concerns over a “huge” baby just days before the birth. [Image via Jessa Duggar Seewald/Facebook]
What do you think about the video of the ambulance and fire truck outside of the Duggar home? Do you think Jessa had a major birth complication and the family just has not made an official statement? Or, could it have been something less serious and Jessa just needed paramedic care in the home?

[Image via Duggar Family Blog]

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