Seth Rollins Among Several WWE Superstars Recently Injured Inside The Ring

Love him or hate him, Seth Rollins’ knee injury (courtesy of Wrestling Zone) was not something anyone wanted to see. During the WWE’s annual European tour stop in Dublin, the WWE champion was facing Kane. He was on the top rope, getting ready to perform a suplex of some sort, when the unthinkable happened. Seth Rollins had a bad landing and suffered a career-altering injury: the dreaded torn ACL. Seth Rollins also has a torn MCL and meniscus.

Rollins’ ACL tear hits the WWE hard.

He was scheduled to defend his WWE title against Roman Reigns at this year’s “Survivor Series.” The WWE was looking at rekindling the rivalry that had begun when Rollins turned his back on the Shield some time ago. Seth Rollins’ injury has forced the WWE to go into another direction with their championship plans.

The alternate plans involve a tournament to crown a new WWE champion.

Seth Rollins’ reported recovery time is six to nine months, according to NESN.

Injuries are beginning to take its toll on the WWE. Daniel Bryan is out with a concussion, which took place in the ring. The timetable for his return is questionable.

Randy Orton suffered a shoulder injury. He will be back for six months at the earliest.

It is bad enough that John Cena is on a hiatus, now three top WWE superstars are down with ailments. In the case of Seth Rollins, his injury comes with the territory of what can happen when superstars compete. Injuries inside the ring have become commonplace over the last couple of years.

Going back to WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar is facing The Undertaker. Lesnar is using effective striking to break The Undertaker’s will. Undertaker gains an advantage and takes the action outside the ring. Something went wrong after the two of them returned to the ring. Undertaker nearly collapsed from the punishment and could not complete most of his patented maneuvers. Bleacher Report would later confirm that The Undertaker was concussed.

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)
(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

At their long-awaited rematch during SummerSlam, Undertaker fell in the ring again, leaving many fans to fear the worse. Apparently, it was a great sell job by the WWE veteran of 25 years, because not only did he continue the match, but he would also go on to win.

WWE’s Night of Champions served as the site of a horrific injury.

What happened to Sting was disturbing.

Sting was facing Seth Rollins, ironically in a match for the WWE Championship. After a lot of back and forth, all of which damaged both superstars, Sting goes to the ropes, hits them, and just falls before Rollins can clothesline him. The referee immediately alerted the ringside doctor to come check on Sting. The veteran wanted to continue with the match.

Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT
Mandatory Credit: Scott Barbour/ALLSPORT

It was later discovered that Sting suffered an injury to his neck (courtesy of Wrestling Zone).

The worse part about Sting’s neck injury is that he could not continue to wrestle physically, but he did so because he is a professional and did not want to quit.

What WWE superstars and wrestlers overall do is put themselves in jeopardy night in and night out. They know that there is a risk with everything that they do. Just think about how an athlete playing in a different sport can damage themselves in a non-contact play. It works the same way for professional wrestlers.

Wrestling requires a lot of physicality and movement, and you take a ton of punishment at times. One major difference between wrestling and other sports is the demanding schedule that the superstars have to go through.

Seth Rollins had to face both John Cena and Sting at Night of Champions. He then had to turn around and compete the following night on Monday Night Raw. That is dedication. Most, if not all, of the WWE superstars are dedicated. They know that they could end up like Seth Rollins at any time, yet they still go out and compete. Unfortunately, the injury to Seth Rollins is just the latest in a rash of injuries that have hit the WWE over the past year.

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