November 6, 2015
'Arrow' EP Talks 'The Flash' Crossover And More Constantine, Plus Could Batman Be Coming To Season 4?

New characters continue to be introduced during the current season of Arrow. In fact, many fans were delighted to see Constantine make an appearance in the latest episode of the show, titled "Haunted." With the highly-anticipated crossover with The Flash on its way, is this the last time fans will see Constantine on the show?

In an interview with Deadline executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that Constantine's involvement in the show may be at an end, at least for the time being.

"There's no plans," Guggenheim stated after being asked if Constantine would return to the show. "This was always designed to be a one-off."

While this news may be disappointing to some fans, there is still plenty to look forward to this season as the show gears up for a crossover episode with The Flash. In regard to the highly-anticipated installment, Guggenheim could barely hold in his own excitement.

Fans will be disappointed to learn that there are no plans to bring Constantine back to 'Arrow' anytime soon. [Image via The CW]
Fans will be disappointed to learn that there are no plans to bring Constantine back to 'Arrow' anytime soon. [Image via The CW]"There's a lot of things that are really cool about this year's crossover, one of which is the fact that there really is a true 2-part story unlike last year where it was two interconnected episodes where each had their own beginning, middle, and end," he explained.

At the same time, Guggenheim also revealed that the crossover would introduce a number of exciting new characters that will eventually make up the cast of Legends of Tomorrow.

"This is a big two-part event, one single bad guy, and it will very clearly launch Legends of Tomorrow. But at the same time what I think is a lot of fun about it is that it doesn't feel like a backdoor pilot for Legends of Tomorrow," Guggenheim stated. "It feels like an episode of Flash and then an episode of Arrow. It truly is a 2-hour Flash/Arrow event that just so happens to introduce us to some new characters who will be a big part of Legends of Tomorrow."

With the show already introducing so many characters from the DC Comics universe over the past two seasons, there really aren't any characters that are completely off limits. This includes Batman. However, although Guggenheim expressed his love for the caped crusader, he did admit that the hero would not be making his way to show this season.

"You know, I love Batman. He's probably my favorite DC character and of course I'd love to see him on Arrow, but you know, that's just not in the cards anytime soon," Guggenheim revealed. "So it remains a fantasy, but we have so many other fantasies and pipe dreams of ours have come true, I really have no complaints."

Aside from the disappointing news that Batman will not be one of the new characters this season, VC Post is reporting five new DC villains are making their way to Legends of Tomorrow. These new bad guys includes the likes of Vandal Savage, The Flying Dutchman, Hath-Set, Shadow Thief, and Scandal Savage.

'The Flash'/'Arrow' crossover episode is set to air in December. [Image via The CW]
'The Flash'/'Arrow' crossover episode is set to air in December. [Image via The CW]Although the majority of these roles have yet to be announced, it is known that Vandal will be played by Casper Crump. Additionally, the character will have ties with Hawkgirl, played by Ciare Renee, and Hawkman, played by Falk Hentchel.

While little is known about how these villains will play a part in the new series, Vandal is expected to be featured in the crossover episode with Arrow and The Flash. In fact, he is expected to be the main villain that Guggenheim discussed in his interview and will likely play a large role in the episode.

While the current seasons of Arrow and The Flash continue to air Tuesday and Wednesday nights on The CW, Legends of Tomorrow is expected to debut in January of 2016.

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[Image via The CW]