‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Martin Henderson Arrives As Dr. Nathan Riggs

Last night was the first appearance of Martin Henderson on Grey’s Anatomy. It seems he is as charismatic as was reported. Now, fans know who and what he will be since he has arrived at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. He is playing Dr. Nathan Riggs, who is a friend of Dr. April Kepner from when she was working with the Doctors Without Borders. Though he was departing at the end of last night’s episode, it seems he’s here to stay.

The Inquisitr reported that Martin Henderson (McKiwi perhaps, owing to his New Zealand heritage) was going to be the love interest of Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy. Henderson was not supposed to be on the series until mid-season, but he appeared last night, as Dr. Nathan Riggs, a cardio-vascular surgeon, escorting a young boy from Jordan who needed life-altering surgery from Jackson and Callie in order to save his hands. He drove up to the hospital, with a slight, sexy accent, and will undoubtedly sweep some woman at Grey-Sloan off of her feet.

Entertainment Tonight says Martin Henderson‘s character will have everyone saying, “McDreamy who?”

“It was nice knowing ya, McDreamy! Turns out, there’s a new surgeon in town, and he’s about to make hearts flutter at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.”

Flutter they have. And, Marin Henderson’s character is not only linked to April Kepner, he is linked to Owen, and it would seem not in a good way. They seem to know each other from their time in Afghanistan, the stuff that keeps Owen up at night. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will have to wait and see how they are intertwined.

Henderson is already a favorite of the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. He has been on television and just starred in the movie, Everest, and has also been in a Bollywood film.

“Martin Henderson made his debut on Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and the dimpled doctor has already been described by his co-star, Ellen Pompeo, as a “very hot, very nice man.”

Bustle revealed that Henderson’s character seems like a “nice heroic kind of guy,” so why did Owen tell him to get the hell out of Seattle? And why would Nathan Riggs not listen? A guy who brings a Jordanian orphan to Seattle for surgery can’t be all bad, right?

“Grey’s Anatomy has introduced its latest heartthrob, and boy oh boy, are they just diving right into things. In ‘The Me Nobody Knows,’ viewers met Martin Henderson’s Dr. Nathan Riggs, a colleague of April’s when she was doing Doctors Without Borders. But that’s not Riggs’ only Grey Sloan connection. Apparently Riggs and Hunt know each other from years past and do not get along—what happened with Riggs and Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy to make them hate each other?”

Bustle also delved into what Henderson’s character might have done that got such a chilly reception from such a warm guy like Owen Hunt. Fans think Grey’s Anatomy is about to get super steamy with drama of all kinds. In the preview for next week’s episode, Owen Hunt will be telling Bailey and Meredith Grey that they don’t want to have a guy like Nathan Riggs at Grey-Sloan.

Do you think that Martin Henderson will find a home on Grey’s Anatomy?

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