‘Scream Queens’ Star Lea Michele Says ‘Talent Will Always Prevail’

Scream Queens actress Lea Michele is proving herself to be a true renaissance woman and, even with all of the projects Lea has already taken on, Michele has also found time to pen a book. This is no ordinary book. You First: Journaling Your Way to Your Best Life is intended to help others, while the writing of it helped Michele find her own way to happiness.

Lea Michele Says To Put Yourself First, Every Day


Ms. Michele says that her latest book didn’t start out as such, as she was just interested in using her passion for writing to help her express her feelings and vent her problems. What had started out as a hobby turned out to be a book intended to be a guided journal that Ms. Michele hopes will help people in their day to day lives.

“I take time for me to put myself first every day because I am not at my best if I can’t be my best,” says Lea Michele, according to Billboard. “Whether it’s to work out, spend time with the people that I love, get a good night sleep, watch reality TV, have a glass of wine — I take that time so that I can be strong, focused and prepared for my job or whatever life might bring my way.”

Scream Queens Has Been A Challenge For Lea Michele


Ms. Michele says that she looks for a rhythm or a groove, when working on her acting projects, and, after seven years on Glee, Lea had definitely found such a rhythm, so it has been hard adjusting to Scream Queens. While it has taken time for Michele to get into the swing of things on Scream Queens, she says she has ways to keep her on solid ground, so that few things really rattle her, according to Fashion & Style.

Another one with a great ability to stay grounded is Ryan Murphy, says Ms. Michele. The Scream Queens actress admires her producer not for his talents or his working efforts, but for his ability to go home at the end of the day and just be a normal family man. Lea says it’s so important to go home and be a normal family member, a normal friend, or whatever else is waiting outside of the workplace.

While both Murphy and Michele share the Scream Queens experience, a testament to their dedication to achieving their individual dreams. Lea says it wasn’t always that way. The Scream Queens star says Murphy, like herself, both endured a lifetime of people trying to discourage him from striving to make his dreams a reality.

“I think that this business is very tricky. And you definitely have extreme highs and lows. I think that people definitely want to build you up and they want to pull you down. But talent will always prevail, and so will your personal strength.”

For Lea, people used her ethnic appearance as the reason they all predicted failure for the now famous actress, and even Michele herself admits she was blessed (or cursed) with the most dominant traits of her Sephardic father and her Italian mother. Unlike those criticizing her dreams, Lea says she felt those physical traits could only add to her uniqueness, and the Scream Queens actress says she chose to embrace those aspects of her person.

Now that she has achieved the success she sought, Ms. Michele has no interest in shoving it in the faces of those who promised her failure, but instead keeps on plugging away at Hollywood with every opportunity that comes her way.

“The more I keep just living my life, and being happy, and working hard, is enough,” the Scream Queens star says. “I don’t have to say a word.”

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