‘Dancing With The Stars’ Bindi Irwin In Hot Water Over Dad’s Death

Bindi Irwin has really been stepping away from her famous father’s shadow on Dancing with the Stars, proving her own talents with such performances as her recent devotion to Grace Kelly, the late Princess of Monaco. Now, an L.A. Superior Court judge seeks to put a halt to Bindi’s rise to fame, however, and Ms. Irwin will be forced to prove that Steve Irwin, Bindi’s father, is indeed deceased.

Bindi Irwin Must Prove Her Famous Father Really Did Pass Away


As Bindi Irwin is 17-years-old and still a minor by California law, the legal team at Dancing with the Stars had submitted the necessary forms to Los Angeles county to ensure that Ms. Irwin could receive payment for her participation on Dancing with the Stars. Bindi’s mother, Terri, has relinquished rights to the money, so that is not the issue.

The real issue came into play when the L.A. Superior Court judge overseeing the legal procedure questioned why Terri Irwin had submitted a form indicating that she waived her rights to the money earned by Bindi on Dancing with the Stars, but Ms. Irwin’s father had not submitted a similar form.

The judge determined that “the court is unable to find that it is in the best interest of the minor to be bound by the terms of the contract,” unless Steve Irwin delivers a similar waiver to the court or Bindi produces proof that her father has indeed passed away.

Legal matters of this nature are normally just a matter of submitting the correct paperwork, so it may not be long before Bindi is able to get this matter sorted out. Once she does, Ms. Irwin’s payments for competing on Dancing with the Stars will start with a base salary of $125,000 and increase at weekly intervals for as long as she continues on Dancing with the Stars, reaching a maximum pay of $280,000, reports TMZ.

Bindi Irwin Honors Grace Kelly On Dancing With The Stars

Bindi faced another kind of challenge earlier, but this time the competition took place on the dance floor with Ms. Irwin embodying Grace Kelly in her performance, assisted by her Dancing with the Stars partner Derek Hough.

“Grace Kelly has always been my inspiration,” Ms. Irwin said, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. “She’s such a strong woman who really stuck to her principles no matter where she went in life.”

Even though viewers might be admiring her grace and glamour, Bindi revealed that the hard work required in competing on Dancing with the Stars is definitely taking its toll on her body. Ms. Irwin says that practice and competition has been particularly hard on her feet. The Dancing with the Stars contestant says that she has had to ask boyfriend, Chandler Powell, to re-attach four of her toenails, using superglue.

“My feet are really gross,” Bindi says. “I felt so bad that they showed them! But they are actually superglued right now because I lost another [toenail] in dress rehearsal! I just have holes in my feet and my nails keep popping off, but if I superglue them they don’t hurt as much.”

For Dancing with the Stars‘ Icon Night, Bindi wore a black dress with black stockings, while partner Hough wore a white and black tux. The two danced to “Grace Kelly” by Mika, earning themselves a 28 out of 30 possible points.

Unfortunately, the score wasn’t enough to help Bindi and Derek avoid an intense dance off next week, which will pit Ms. Irwin and her partner against actor Carlos PenaVega and Witney Carson. The couples will dance the jive in the next installment of Dancing with the Stars.

[Featured image by ABC/Dancing with the Stars]

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