Rumors Fly That Jessa Duggar Seewald Has Had a Baby Boy [Updated]

The rumors are flying that Jessa Seewald has had a baby boy, but so far the actual Duggar family is not confirming anything. Fans of the Duggars are going nuts because an Instagram page said to belong to Jessica Seewald is revealing that she is an aunt. This page has posted pictures with Ben in the past and it appears to be a sister of Ben’s, but nobody is certain if this page is real or not. She posted a picture saying that she is an aunt and this post is done in blue. Most of the other posts on Jessica Seewald’s page are about her significant other and also random scriptures.

Everyone is going crazy in the comments section trying to figure out if Jessa and Ben Seewald really had their baby or not. This account has over 12k followers, but so far she is not replying to anyone asking if Ben and Jessa had their baby. The fact that she wrote it in blue has fans thinking this mean it is a boy. There have not been any other posts on her page about the baby either.

Also, on Facebook tonight, a fan page by the name of Duggar Sisters has shared that Jessa had the baby. The page tries to say that they are an official Duggar fan site, but they are not the one that the family posts on. “Baby Seewald has arrived… It’s a BOY!? Stay tuned for pictures!!” declared the page.

This page has over 16,000 likes but is not an official page ran by the Duggar family regardless of what they are trying to say. There are a lot of people asking them where they got this information about Jessa Seewald, but so far they refuse to respond to anyone.

When checking the Duggar official pages and Jessa Seewald’s Instagram, there are no updates about the baby at all. The last post on Jessa’s page was yesterday when she was enjoying a great birthday dessert with her little sister. This does mean that Jessa could have gone into labor since then and already had the baby. Jessa and Ben have avoided telling anyone the sex of the baby, even though they do know what they are having. The happy couple want fans to wait and hear the news when their little one is born. They have been calling the baby “Quincy,” but they will probably choose another name when it gets here.

As of right now, Jessa Seewald has not shared if she has had her baby or not. Hopefully they will share pictures soon and let fans know what is going on with her. There have also been rumors that Jessa Seewald might be having twins, but the couple never confirmed this news either.

This will be the first child for Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband Ben. The couple has been sharing a lot of pregnancy photos with fans. The Duggar family is known for letting People have their stories, so it is very possible that the family is waiting until tomorrow to let them make the big announcement for them. Following the Duggars on social networks is the only other way that you will find out for sure about the baby when they are ready to announce it. Jill Dillard waited a bit before telling fans everything that was going on when she had Israel due to ending up in the hospital and having a c-section.

Do you think that Jessa Duggar Seewald has had her baby? Do you think that it was a little boy? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Also, don’t miss the upcoming Duggar specials which will air on TLC starting in December. They have already confirmed three specials all about Jessa and Jill.

Update: People has confirmed that Jessa Seewald had a baby boy! No information is out at this time.

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