Brad Pitt Zombie Movie Rolls Off Track

Brad Pitt has high hopes for his new zombie movie but production on World War Z has apparently turned into a “total nightmare.”

Pitt, who is producing as well as starring in the new movie, has apparently ordered several reshoots and is planning on rewriting the ending of the movie. According to Canoe, screenwriter Damon Lindelof has been called into to rewrite the script and director Marc Forster has planned several weeks of reshoots.

The movie was scheduled to be released this December but Pitt and the other executives have pushed the release date back to next Summer so that they can fix the movie.

Paramount film group president Adam Goodman said:

“The footage from this film looks fantastic, but we all agreed it can have a better ending. Getting the ending correct is essential, and we are in that creative process. World War Z is a giant summer movie and we are confident it will be a global hit when it’s released June 2013.”

One source close to the production of World War Z said: “It’s a nightmare from top to bottom.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Pitt was able to hire the director of his choice, Marc Forster, to helm the new zombie movie. Forster wasn’t, however, allowed to bring his usual team with him. Instead, Forster was surrounded by seasoned, but unfamiliar, faces. Forster also isn’t too experienced with big budget special effect movies. This, according to a source, has caused constant bickering on the set.

“The director was not empowered…. There was nobody that steered the ship. … When you get [a director] who can’t do it all … you get a struggle as to whose is the singular voice. They just couldn’t get it right. There was a lot of spinning of plates, a lot of talking. [But] they did not have a plan.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie’s budget is now north of $170 million and at least 5 weeks of reshoots will be needed to complete the film.

World War Z has been having problems since production began, which was made evident earlier this year when a Hungarian anti-terrorism unit raided a warehouse and confiscated 85 fully functional automatic assault rifles. Pitt was reportedly furious with the crew for making the mistake of purchasing real guns.

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