Country Music Stars Unite To Pray For Joey Feek As She Fights Cancer Battle

Joey Feek of the hit duo Joey + Rory is fighting a tough battle with cancer. Taste of Country recently shared a video where some of country music’s biggest stars join together to pray for Joey. It has now been two weeks since Rory announced that Joey would be coming home and stopping treatments. The doctors have said there is nothing more that they can do for her, and Joey has come home to live, not to die. Joey Feek’s sisters and her best friend have chosen November 5 at 8 p.m. CST as a time to pray for Joey. They are asking that people everywhere unite in prayer for Joey.

When praying for Joey Feek, of course, any prayer to God is a great one, but the family has requested that everyone say Joey’s prayer for her. The family is staying strong in their faith through all of this right now even though Joey’s cancer battle is not going as they had hoped. This prayer is recited by several big-name country artists in the video above, and it will bring you to tears.

“Pray for a miracle…and even more so, for peace with His decision.”

At the 49th annual CMA awards, several huge country stars recited this prayer for Joey. Jennifer Nettles, Lee Brice, Love and Theft, Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum, and more got together to recite this prayer. Randy Houser spoke out about how he is already doing this prayer and wants to see everyone get involved tonight in the big prayer for Joey Feek. The video ends with Jerrod Niemann saying that Joey and Rory are amazing people and “God bless.”

Today, the country duo of Joey + Rory went to their Instagram page and shared a photo of Joey with her gorgeous daughter Indiana from a recent concert. This photo shows the true beauty of Joey and how happy she is when with her daughter. Joey and Rory are simply asking for prayers and nothing more.

Rory recently shared in a new post that Joey Feek has already reached out and said goodbye to their daughters. Rory has two daughters from before he was married to Joey, and they also have their daughter, Indiana. The older girls may not call Joey mom, but in their phone, she is listed as “mom,” and they are all very close to each other. Joey sat down with the girls and told them goodbye, which, of course, had to be hard. Rory shared that Joey hasn’t been spending a lot of time outside, and they are still spending time with her family right now.

Rory explained their relationship in detail on the blog. It is heartbreaking to hear what he has to say about Joey.

“I can’t say that it has always been easy for them. I’m sure they’d tell you there were trying times. Lots of them. Times when they didn’t know how to communicate, when they were confused and frustrated at each other. But the girls never gave up on Joey, and she never gave up on them.

“The dictionary says a ‘stepmother’ is: the wife of one’s father by a later marriage.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard the girls tell anyone that Joey is their step-mom. But I have heard them tell people numerous times that she is their mother.

“They don’t actually call Joey ‘mom’. They never have. I don’t know why. Maybe they’ve always been too afraid to completely trust… to completely give all of their hearts over – afraid that they’ll get left again by a woman that they love.

“But if you look in their contacts on each of the girls’ phones, ‘Mom’ is how Joey’s number is listed.”

Do not forget tonight at 8 p.m. CST to say a prayer for Joey Feek. Recite Joey’s prayer or one of your own, but just pray for a miracle for this amazing mother and country artist. So far, Rory has done a great job of keeping her fans updated on her condition and hopefully he will continue to do so for a while longer.

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