Fox And Kitten Become Fast Friends In Viral Video

Can a fox and kitten be friends? While it may sound unbelievable, the answer is a resounding yes. In this fascinating viral video, you can see a fox and kitten that are clearly friends as they play together. The video was captured by a woman vacationing in El Calafate, Argentina, and unmistakably demonstrates the bond these two creatures have. At first glance, one could easily mistake the fox for a kitten and not realize just how odd this friendship is. Before long, however, it becomes apparent that though this is an unlikely pair, they seem to be unaware of their differences.

The fox and kitten play, fight, and dash under the woman’s table in what became an entertaining spectacle. While there is no information regarding where the fox came from, it isn’t that uncommon for some to keep foxes as exotic pets. In 2013, Popular Science reported on domesticated foxes, their cost, breeding, and how to get one. The article focused on the work of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics located in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The foxes that scientists have worked with in the facility are docile and comparable to pet dogs. Could the researchers’ success at domesticating the fox account for some of the fox behavior witnessed in the wild? Are we witnessing more encounters, such as the fox and kitten in the video above, because foxes are easy to domesticate and simply more appreciative of other species?

This isn’t the only case of a kitten and fox becoming close friends. Check out the video below where a kitten and fennec fox enjoy romping around the room together.

It’s amazing when we see animals that should be enemies get along perfectly together. It isn’t just a case of a fox and kitten becoming friends either. There are many different species that have paired up over time and produced long lasting friendships. One video that has gone viral is the story of Fum and Gebra, an owl and a cat that are best friends. As you watch these two play, you realize how easily it would be for one to injure the other. However; they accommodate for their differences and play together as if they were the same species.

While it’s true the idea of having a pet fox in the United States is appealing to many, they are still hard to come by. If you are seeking a tame fox, you will need to have one imported from Serbia and the cost Is between $8,000 and $10,000. Still, these foxes are deemed tame and behave very similar to dogs. Fast Company profiled Mitch Kalmanson who sells imported, domesticated foxes in the U.S. Kalmanson has three pet foxes and is viewed as an expert on their behavior. His website is a go-to place for those interested in more information regarding keeping a fox as a pet.

According to Kalmanson, a domesticated fox can be trained to use a litter box, walk on a leash, become well socialized with other animals and seek human affection and attention. They enjoy being scratched on their bellies, will sit on their owner’s laps, and will behave in ways similar to dogs and cats. Domesticated foxes will learn commands and become an important member of the family. Since foxes can be domesticated, is that why some of them seem to lose their aggressive ways in the wild and just want to make friends with other animals? Check out the video of the fox and kitten playing above and leave your comments below.

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