Corey Feldman Promises He’ll Leave His Stalker Alone

In a twist of the classic celebrity stalker restraining order tale, washed-up actor and former teen icon Corey Feldman has pledged in a court of law to stay away from his stalker.


TMZ reported in May that a six-foot, 300-pound woman had been arrested at the request of Feldman, after she lost her marbles and violated a restraining order against her. Feldman and his stalker, a woman by the name of Jennifer Herbert, were pals and roommates. Things were going swimmingly until Herbert threatened Feldman with physical harm, berated him in front of house guests, and started asking his child “adult” questions. Because she was bound in a lease with him, he couldn’t just throw her out, so Feldman secured a restraining order against her, which required her to stay a whopping six feet away from him and his child at all times. She violated this, was arrested, and left the house.

Fast forward to the now.

So long as she moves out completely, Feldman promised a judge that he would steer clear of his own stalker. Court papers filed by the Lost Boys star say that he and Herbert have agreed to a truce: stay away from each other and stop trash-talking one another on social media like Facebook and Twitter. How’s that for compromise?

According to Feldman, Herbert has agreed to completely move out of his home by 4:00 p.m. on June 14th. In exchange, he will drop the restraining order against her.

It’s too bad that they’ve pledged to stay away from each other. Keepin’ it Real with Feldman & Herbert sounds like a reality show that I would totally watch.

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