‘Deadpool’ Set Visit Reveals Marvel Characters, Rated-R Materials, Concept Art

Deadpool is just months away from its release and a set visit reveals what to expect from the movie, which includes new Marvel characters, how the leaked test footage changed everything about Deadpool, and tons of R-rated materials cooking.

A couple of writers and media friends were invited over to the Deadpool set in Vancouver recently, and reports about their set visit to the Deadpool reveal juicy details prior to the premiere in February. Yahoo! News’ Kevin Polowy was on the Deadpool set in the flesh, and his report reveals that underrated characters from the Marvel universe will appear in the Deadpool movie. Some of these new characters are the much-discussed Colossus (CGI character played by Andre Tricoteux) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Deadpool fighting Colossus (screenshot from official Red band trailer)
Deadpool fighting Colossus [Image via ‘Deadpool’ Trailer]

Deadpool director Tim Miller notes that they perused over “the voluminous archive of characters that Fox controls in deciding which supporting characters, good and evil, should surround Deadpool.” But there is sad news for avid Deadpool fans: the Deadpool team weren’t able to squeeze in Cable despite the enormous pressure to include him in the film.

Reports from Superhero Hype also note that the treatment of the movie will be heavily anchored on the fourth-wall breaks and pop-culture references that the Deadpool franchise is famous for. This meant that the script would have to utilize timeless puns since the script has been in development for over six years (read: Justin Bieber jokes). However, the writers pulled back a bit on Deadpool’s craziness, allowing for more room for full-on lunacy on a sequel if they will be able to do that.

Writer and producer for Deadpool Rhett Reese shared, “It’s not the hearing voices, we’re not doing that, he’s not schizophrenic or anything. But he is as Ryan says, in a highly militarized shame spiral. So he’s very insecure, he is very vain, hates the way he looks, and the comics had given us the lead way to break the fourth wall, so in a way he’s just strangely omniscient, he can talk about the fact that he’s in a movie, he can talk about things that the character wouldn’t know and everyone around him is kind of like ‘What are you talking about?'”

The idea to make a Deadpool movie has been floating around for ages, and even Miller admits all the hesitation got him as frustrated as Reynolds. The legendary test footage for Deadpool that leaked a while back was the spark that really made the Deadpool movie happen and Ryan Reynolds makes it a point to credit-slash-blame Miller for the leak. Did he really do it? Miller constantly denies Reynolds’ allegations, but it certainly pushed Deadpool into production.

Deadpool swag (via Fox Movies)
Deadpool swag [Image via Fox Movies]

Joblo was also on the set visit, and the website reports on the concept art found on the set that reveals a lot about the upcoming Deadpool movie.

  • Colossus getting punched by Angel Dust
  • A Destroyed “hellicarrier” in a massive scrapyard (which is the same set we were on)
  • Deadpool strapped to the wing of a jet as an explosion from behind sends him into the sky
  • Angel Dust and Negasonic Teenage Warhead fighting
  • Deadpool lounging in his “lair” (in costume), looking very much like a college dorm room – with guns and Deadpool comics scattered all around.
  • Wade in a hospital gown fighting with a bad guy in a burning room
  • Mock-ups of the “Punch Bowl,” which is where Wade is tortured into becoming Deadpool. It’s basically a clear capsule that the tortured individual is strapped into and is filled with fluid or whatever else is needed to create the necessary torture.
  • On the “hellicarrier” deck, a group of dead and bloodied bad guys are sprawled out, spelling the name “Francis” (Ajax’s real name) with Deadpool standing next to them, pleased with his creation.
  • Deadpool attempting to rescue Morena Baccarin‘s Vanessa, hanging off a ledge on the “hellicarrier.”

So what is the significance of this concept art? It only points out to one thing: The upcoming Deadpool movie will be one bat-crazy movie that Deadpool fans will surely love.

Deadpool bringing a lot of blood (screenshot from official Red band trailer)
Deadpool bringing a lot of blood [Image via ‘Deadpool’ Trailer]

And did we mention why Deadpool is definitely going to be R-rated? The over-the-top violence (meaning blood and deaths everywhere) paired with the overflowing skin exposure make Deadpool one movie parents should try their hardest to keep from their children. The set visit reports reveal that there will be explicit lovemaking scenes — a lot of them, and they will get weird — to the point that Reynolds reveal that there are times he feels it goes “excessive.” But with Deadpool, what exactly is in moderation?

So if you have yet to watch the Deadpool trailer, what cave do you live in? Watch it below. Deadpool will be in theaters come February 12, 2016.

[Image via Fox Movies]

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