Stassi Schroeder, ‘Vanderpump Rules’: When Will She Return? Will Patrick Meagher Be Seen?

Stassi Schroeder confirmed her season four return to Vanderpump Rules weeks ago, but during Monday night’s premiere of the Bravo reality series, the fashion blogger was nowhere to be seen. So, when will fans be reunited with Stassi Schroeder?

In response to the tweet above, which was shared just hours after the season four premiere of Vanderpump Rules aired on Bravo, Stassi Schroeder posted the tweet below, hinting her return will happen when fans least expect it.

After filming Season 2 of the reality series, Stassi Schroeder quit her job at SUR Lounge, and moved to New York City to be with her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher. Although Stassi Schroeder didn’t quit the show at that point, she hinted she was happily moving on before ultimately returning to Los Angeles ahead of Season 3 for filming. Then, ahead of Season 4, Stassi Schroeder announced her exit from the show during an episode of her Podcast series, Straight Up With Stassi.

At the time her exit was confirmed, Stassi Schroeder alleged she was confident and secure enough as a woman to walk away from the series, the money, and the fake relationships she was forced into. Then, months later, Stassi Schroeder changed her mind and returned to filming with her co-stars, including her former boss at SUR Lounge, Lisa Vanderpump, and her ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor.

While Stassi Schroeder will eventually be seen on Season 4, likely in a part-time or guest starring role, her boyfriend, Meagher, will not be seen at all.

During a recent interview, which followed months of breakup rumors, Stassi Schroeder admitted her relationship with Meagher has been far from perfect.

“We have our ups and downs, and we’ve broken up and gotten back together. It’s not like everything is just perfect, but we’re happy, and we’re trying,” Stassi Schroeder explained to Entertainment Tonight last month.

Despite their ups and downs, and their decision to live separately, Stassi Schroeder claims fans may see Meagher on Vanderpump Rules one day, explaining, “He gets more and more comfortable with it every day. If there’s a season 5 — if I’m welcomed back — there’s a possibility.”

As for her own, unexpected return to the show, Stassi Schroeder admitted it wasn’t easy swallowing her pride and facing her co-stars after publicly trashing them both on the show, and on her Podcast.

“It is so embarrassing. I was like, ‘No, I’m definitely not!’ And then it’s like, ‘Yup, here I am!’ I took a break and I did some soul searching. There are actually some reasons I want to come back. You’ll see them on the show.”

During Season 4, fans will watch as Stassi Schroeder meets with Vanderpump and failing to reconcile last season, and judging by the show’s trailer, the two women are still at odds.

“I think she was really, really hard on me. I’ve been doing my best to kind of just rectify the specific wrong things that I felt I had done, but I’m not willing to grovel by any means,” Stassi Schroeder said of their meeting.

Stassi Schroeder also meets with ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor for their first one-on-one conversation in nearly three years.

For more of Stassi Schroeder and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast, stay tuned to the fourth season of the show, airing on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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