Jessa Duggar Desperate To Induce Labor, Shares Entire Wedding Video To Celebrate First Anniversary: Watch Here! [Video]

Jessa Duggar is turning to old wives tales and junk food to induce labor as she passes her baby due date of November 1! The star of the now-cancelled 19 Kids And Counting and sister of Josh Duggar took to social media to share her pre-labor baby moments, including posing with a pineapple, french fries, and ice cream.

According to Us magazine, Jessa Duggar Seewald is eating for two as she and husband Ben dump the healthy eating. Duggar shared a snap as she indulged in greasy fast food, justifying her late-pregnancy binge by confessing “[s]ometimes, you forget about eating healthy and go for the good stuff.”

Jessa’s baby due date was also special, since it was the date of her first anniversary, and Jessa also wished Ben a “[h]appy anniversary, Love!” According to Us, Duggar’s due date was November 1, one year to the day she married her husband, and Jessa is reportedly desperate to give birth.

In a second Instagram snap, Jessa poses with a pineapple, staring quizzically into the camera as she queries whether eating the whole fruit will make her go into labor. Alas, according to Jessa, she ate the entire pineapple, but the old wives’ tale did not work.

The Daily Mail reports that, Jessa, who is just days away from giving birth to her first baby, revealed that she’s feeling “as big as a barn,” and that eating a whole, fresh pineapple “doesn’t work for everyone, ’cause I ate the whole thing yesterday… and still no signs of labor!”

Duggar also shared that she’s “soooo ready to meet my baby” in an Instagram snap of her enormous baby bump, reports the Daily Mail.

To celebrate her annivarsary, Jessa also paid loving tribute to her husband, Ben, on November 1, writing loving messages and treating her 1.7 million followers to the entire, unedited video of her wedding, reports Us.

Not one to leave fans out, Jessa announced big news over social media, telling fans that “for the very first time—THE ENTIRE, UNEDITED VIDEO OF OUR WEDDING CEREMONY!!!!”

The never-before-seen video was uploaded to YouTube, and shares footage of Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald exchanging vows.

In a series of still photos from the video, a “super excited” Jessa revealed that she was “[r]eminiscing and reaffirming these promises to you today, Darling!,” and shared her wedding vows with her fans. According to Us, Jessa confessed that on her wedding day, she told Ben that “today I take you to be my husband, my faithful partner, and my one true Love.”

Jessa Duggar shared with fans that during her vows, she told her husband she is “[l]oving you now, and as you grow and develop into all that God intends.”

Duggar paid tribute to her close-knit family, too, writing to them that “[o]ur hearts are full of gratitude toward all who worked so hard to make our special day so amazing,” as she shared footage of her special day. Jessa continued, thanking them for “pouring into our lives, and loving and encouraging us in this first year!”

Radar Online reports that Jessa shared one final special message with her hubby, telling “the man of my dreams” that he is “my best friend and the Love of my life!” Duggar sweetly confided that she is “so thankful to God for bringing us together,” and admitted that this “past year with you has been the best yet—I’m sure only to be outdone by the next!”

In preparation for motherhood, Jessa spent time with brother Josh’s newest child, baby Meredith Grace, reports the Daily Mail. Despite her struggles with Josh, who admitted to molesting Jessa when he was a teenager, Jessa Duggar has a special place in her heart for Meredith.

In an Instagram photo, Jessa shared that “[c]Cute little #MeredithGrace always has plenty of people waiting to hold her!” Duggar also revealed that she “can’t get enough of those adorable, kissable, chubby baby cheeks!'” over her Instagram account.

Although 19 Kids And Counting has been cancelled after Josh Duggar admitted to molesting teenage girls, including his sisters, Jessa will star in new TLC series Jill & Jessa: Counting On this December with sister Jill.

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